Does Big Brand Insurance Have to Be TV Advertised?

If you’re interested in marketing insurance brands, then it’s worth thinking about the best digital channels, rather than the TV channels. The reality is that catch-up, fast forwarding adverts, surfing a tablet or phone whilst the TV is on etc. all means that TV advertising might have a dimishing return. Maybe some consumers are watching their phone screens for 4-6 hours a day, not a TV screen. If so, how do you get your brand on the smartphone screen?

Here’s some research from Alfi, an AI enterprise SaaS advertising platform;

New research shows the entertainment and media sector will see the biggest increase in the use of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising over the next 12 months (please see the attached press release).

The global study among senior executives including CEOs, found 66% believe entertainment and media will see rapid increases in the use of DOOH followed by 62% who point to the Government campaigns sector and 61% who highlight the retail industry.

The executives questioned in the UK, US, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the UAE believe the finance industry will also increasingly use DOOH advertising with 58% predicting it will see the biggest rise in DOOH use followed by 52% who pinpointed telecoms.

The switch to DOOH will however mean budgets being moved away from other areas of advertising with television and newspapers expected to be the hardest hit. Around 57% of executives believe TV advertising budgets will be reduced to fund DOOH and 53% say newspaper advertising spend will suffer because of this.

Just 15% of executives questioned believe Out of Home (OOH) budgets will be diverted to DOOH and only 21% believe online advertising will suffer as a result of the switch to DOOH.

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