Handy Guide For Net Zero & Carbon Compliance

It’s a time consuming business doing compliance, every insurance brand knows that. The bigger you get and the more territories your insurance company operates in, the bigger the workload. Insurers also have to contend with ESG requirements on investments, via Life or pension funds too. So this is useful from Normative;

Large businesses are one of the main contributors to global emissions. To accelerate work to reduce carbon emissions, Normative has published a new guide explaining the essentials of carbon accounting for enterprises, from theory to best practices.

“Successfully navigating the rapidly-evolving carbon accounting space poses a big challenge to enterprises. Those that get it right will minimize risks, seize opportunities, and future-proof their businesses,” says Neil Ryland, CCO of Normative, the world’s first carbon accounting engine.

According to New Climate Institute, who surveyed 25 major multinational companies with climate targets, the reductions these companies have committed to only account for 20% of their total emissions – leaving 80% unaddressed. This incompleteness can lead to significant consequences including allegations of greenwashing, regulatory non-compliance, and lack of access to funding.

Normative’s guide shares practical strategies for using science-based carbon accounting to drive effective action. With a focus on practical solutions, the guide walks large enterprises through the steps of measuring their full emissions and seizing the resulting business opportunities whilst mitigating the risks.

Download the guide here.


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