Opinion: Expert Evaluation Could Settle Disputed Claims

Flaxmans reckon that technology is putting an ever-increasing distance between insurance companies and their customers, which could see policyholders getting unfair settlements. The solution is Expert Evaluation. Here are some persoanl views from Roger Flaxman;

Unless the claim is anything other than entirely straightforward and inexpensive, it could be disputed by policyholder or insurer. More concerning we are seeing unfairly rejected claims with heavy handed tactics being used by the Insurers.

Insurance practice v Legal

Very often the answer to a disputed claim lies in the “insurance practice” box rather than the “legal” box. The policy wording is just a small part of the overall contract of insurance. It does not contain all the answers.

The prospects of succeeding in a disputed insurance claim are significantly enhanced with an Early Expert Evaluation of the merits of the case. Within a very short time, and at an affordable cost, an early expert evaluation can provide a client with a percentage prospect of success together with an estimate of time and cost involved”.

What is an expert evaluation?

The legal process in the UK allows a claimant and defendant to each engage an expert in the subject matter of the dispute to present their expert opinion on the merits of each party’s case. The experts are bound by strict rules of conduct and standards of presentation in the reports
that are presented to the court.

An expert before a court is bound to inform the court of the standards and practices pertaining to the expert’s industry or subject matter and the judge will take into consideration the evidence of the expert/s in his or her judgment.

Key to the door for resolution

As recognised experts to the courts, Flaxmans know how they will typically judge a claim and claimant. What would ‘an insurance expert’ be duty-bound to say to the court? That is the key to the door for resolution. Expert evidence will often tip the balance – and because of that we rarely have to litigate. Our experience of insurance dispute resolution for both commercial and private customers has shown that non-litigated negotiation with insurers very often pays off when it is conducted by experts that the insurers can rely upon and respect as understanding the principles and practice of insurance.

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