US Market: Ahoy! Boat Insurance Now Available in California

Ahoy!®, the digital insurance MGA for recreational boating, is now available to boaters in California who can take advantage of policies that are tailored to the needs of modern boaters. One of the largest boating markets in the US with over 700,000 registered boats, and hundreds of miles of coastlines, rivers, and lakes, Ahoy!’s launch in California is a major expansion of its coverage area.
Legacy insurance companies have failed to adapt to the unique needs of the modern boater and tend to bundle boat insurance with other insurance offerings, such as home. Ahoy!’s sole focus is on this underserved segment, using technology to help protect boaters’ vessels and avoid mishaps. By providing innovative insurance coverage Ahoy! delivers boaters peace of mind, turning what was previously viewed as financial security into a proactive and protective asset.
Built by boaters for boaters, Ahoy!’s customers receive an onboard smart boat kit in addition to a tailored insurance policy, which works alongside a proprietary mobile app to offer advanced telemetry features that proactively help reduce risk and prevent damage or injury. With the state’s worsening drought and water levels declining, the functionality of a mobile app to alert of dangerous areas within lakes and dams that historically were safe couldn’t be more helpful for California boaters.
“We are excited to expand into California, a state I called home for years. As a destination for boaters nationally, not just for its coastlines, but its unparalleled rivers and lakes, California is a critical state for Ahoy!’s growth”, said Amit Nisenbaum CEO and co-founder of Ahoy!. “Our mission is to improve the core parts of the boating experience, protecting both boats and boaters, which has become increasingly important, with the rate of boating accidents in California rising. We’re dedicated to expanding our offering to make specialized insurance more accessible, ensuring better protection, and enhancing the on-the-water experience.”
Ahoy!’s team is composed of naval veterans, insurance experts, and experienced high-tech executives, harnessing their expertise to create a holistic digital insurance product that is tailored to boaters’ specific needs. For example, Ahoy!’s mobile app offers alerts such as grounding avoidance, theft recovery assistance, and micro-targeted weather alerts and forecasts, while the boat insurance policy tailored to boaters’ 21st-century needs includes a phone overboard protection policy.
Ahoy!’s insurance policies are currently available directly and through agents, to boat owners in 15 states including Minnesota, Utah, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, New York, and California with plans to expand across the US in the coming months.
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