Billions on Net Zero, While Rishi Dishes Out Budget Pain

The latest update from HM Govt shows how disconnected from the reality of ordinary life the current regime is. As people ration food, energy and fuel to cope with 30% price inflation, billions of taxpayers cash and borrowed cash is to be spent on climate change projects, many of which involves sending cash abroad.

Here are the highlights from the COP27 Private Jet Festival, taking place in Sharm-el-Sheikh;

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will cement the UK’s COP legacy with a series of announcements on energy transition, climate financing and forest and nature preservation

The UK continues deliver on our key funding commitments, spending £11.6 billion on international climate finance. The Government will commit to triple funding for climate adaptation as part of that budget, from £500m in 2019 to £1.5bn in 2025.

To support the forest agenda, the UK is committing £90m today for conservation in the Congo Basin.

The PM will also confirm £65 million in funding for the Nature, People and Climate Investment Fund, which supports indigenous and local forest communities, and new financing for Treevive, which is working to conserve and restore two million hectares of tropical forest.

A further £65.5 million for the Clean Energy Innovation Facility is announced today, which provides grants to researchers and scientists in developing countries to accelerate the development of clean technology.


The mini Budget is expected later in November. No doubt pensioners will receive very little, or nothing. New rises on Corporation Tax and abolishing the measly 2K dividend will make hit small companies hard, while large conglomerates dodge 90% of CT costs. Expect more taxes and cuts to public services from Jermey Hunt as he seeks to find 50 billion to fund more migration, HS2 and pay off some Covid19 furlough debt. Those who cheered for lockdowns must understand that much of this pain is down to them and they should pay for it, not small traders who took the big financial hit.

In a new age of austerity there is no priority for UK citizens, no long term investment in UK produced nuclear or oil energy. Instead money is being funnelled into battery factories and wind turbines. Batteries that have a seven year lifespan are not a solution. Solar panels that fail to generate after 10-12 years are not viable long term. Sending more money abroad in the name of Net Zero doesn’t resolve the mass migration problem and the immense strain it places upon public services and the benefits system. Nor does it address the modern slavery issue, which the UK government and RNLI are participating in.

Let’s be clear, climate activists cannot be appeased with Danegeld, they are religious zealots. Greta Thunberg has stated her aim is to overthrow the capitalist system completely and start again. Other activists like Roger Hallam think that activists should “willing to die” for the cause. These are not rational minds open to debate.

Insurance brands who support the deliberate impoverishment of western societies, so that Net Zero targets can be met, are helping to destroy our way of life – and themselves. When you own nothing and be happy, you don’t need insurance. The globalist government takes care of everything. Consider that outcome before you jump on the Just Stop Oil bandwagon and take us back to pre-industrial revolution serfdom.


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