Is The Buy-To-Let Boom Over, Or Just Relocating?

For brokers who insure buy-to-let landlords and affordable housing property groups, it’s a tough time right now. There are immense activist pressures on all governments to increase the tax burden on landlords, whilst at the same time demanding that older properties are brought into EPC A-C groups, or have existing gas boilers replaced with hydrogen or heat pumps. 

Perhaps 2023 will see a partial exodus of landlords, but the fact is that millions of people are being invited into the UK and so housing demand, at all levels, will outstrip supply for the forseeable future. Perhaps the real bargains now are modern properties in the lower cost areas like rural Wales, Scotland, northern England, or some unpopular parts of the Midlands? Quotezone has done some research on rental yields vs asking prices, which is useful for any broker advising BTL clients.

Rapidly rising house prices are finally beginning to slow down in parts of the UK. However, while some might have expected traditionally more expensive regions like London to continue to outpace other areas, research compiled by suggests it is actually the northern regions of England where property prices are continuing to soar.

Interestingly, it is also these areas that currently have the highest yield on rent, making 2023 the year to snap up property in the North East, North West & Yorkshire for buy-to-let landlords looking to achieve both short and long-term return on investment.

Currently the North East of England takes the top spot for rising house prices, increasing at a rate of 17.3% this year, compared with London at 6.7%.  The rental yield on property in this region is also the highest, with Newcastle at 10.10% compared with just 2.3% in London. has predicted the top 3 areas that will be most desirable for buy-to-let landlords looking to invest in the UK property market over the next year.

1)    North East

Taking the top spot is the North East of England, with a house price increase of 17.3%*. Demand for rent is high in this region as hybrid-working continues to make central cities less crucial for workers, and push renters towards larger property options with rural, coastal or riverside locations.

2)    North West

Although the average property price in the North West is just shy of £165,000, research shows increases are currently sitting at 16.1%. What makes this area even more attractive to buy-to-let investors is the 400,000 university students that will descend on the core cities each September. With high demand comes even higher rental yields in this region as Manchester currently sits at 9.8%.**

3)    Yorkshire

Yorkshire’s popular and picturesque countryside has frequently been voted top in the UK’s ‘best places to live’ guide thanks to the great lifestyle the nature, culture and festivals have to offer its inhabitants. In 2021 Yorkshire house prices jumped to their highest in decades and in 2022, research suggests prices are currently rising at a 15.1% rate, with a yield of 9.2%***

Greg Wilson, Founder of property insurance comparison site comments: “As property prices slow in London, buy-to-let landlords should look to areas like the North East, North West, and Yorkshire when trying to maximise their return on investments. These areas are booming, and as more people flock to the north, there’s little sign of it slowing down.

“Although the buy-to-let market has been gathering pace, it’s wise to beware of recent pressure from tax increases, interest rate spikes and EPC reforms – which will require some landlords to make costly energy efficient updates to their property.  This will contribute to a squeeze in landlord income, so it’s essential that they take all the necessary precautions such as insurance, to help avoid any additional unexpected costs. Policies that include ‘rent guarantee insurance’ can also cover them if a tenant stops paying their rent.”


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