Useful Flood Advice: Prep Kit, Protect Lives & How To Claim

With the latest claims from NFU Mutual showing that the average cost of flood damage in 2022 was £20,000, the leading rural insurer is issuing advice to those hit by flooding.

The advice comes as floods have hit Wales, the Midlands and the South West of England, and with yellow warnings for rainfall remaining and further volatile weather predicted for the coming weeks, NFU Mutual is urging home and business owners to be flood aware.

Andrew Chalk, rural insurance specialist at NFU Mutual, said:

“While the past couple of years have seen a relatively low number of flood claims, this week’s heavy rainfall shows that it is never safe to dismiss the risk of flood damage – particularly as latest claims figures from NFU Mutual show the average cost of flood damage in 20222 ran to over £20,000.

“NFU Mutual urges those affected by flooding to make safety their first priority, making sure family and pets are kept away from flood water. If you can, move to higher parts of your property and switch electricity and gas supplies off in flooded areas.


“Notify your insurance company immediately and request alternative accommodation if your house is no longer safe, and contact family and friends. Likewise, business owners should remain in contact with employees and customers to avoid unnecessary risk-taking. If you need to move into a different area of the house or to alternative accommodation, make sure you take prescriptions, other medicines and specialist food – like baby food – with you. Flooding can cause disruption such as road closure and the closure of local businesses, so take as much with you as you can.

“When it’s safe to enter the flooded area again, catalogue all damaged items for insurance claims and begin clearing and drying out the area, seeking advice from your insurance company.

“At NFU Mutual, our local Agents will be alert to flood warnings in their community and will be on hand to help, so it’s important you also have access to copies of your insurance documents and relevant contact details.


“If you have suffered flooding, we recommend checking whether you can rebuild with flood resilient repairs. Since 2017, NFU Mutual has offered its Flood Resilient Repair scheme to all home insurance customers. As part of the scheme, customers who suffer flood damage above £10,000 receive a contribution from NFU Mutual to implement repairs which will protect the property from future flooding.

“With more insurers also now offering flood resilient repairs under the Government-backed Build Back Better scheme, it is worth checking if you can access extra help if you suffer a flood.”

Flood resilient repairs are repairs carried out following flood damage which prevent extensive damage in any subsequent flood. Common examples are:

  • Raising electrical sockets and white goods away from floor level.
  • Replacing flooring with waterproof tiling and grout.
  • Installing flood-resistant, self-sealing air bricks.
  • Fitting valves to drains to prevent backflow flooding.
  • Replacing doors with waterproof doors to prevent floodwater spreading

Prepare a flood or extreme weather pack, including a torch with batteries, phone power banks, first aid equipment, warm clothes and blankets, bottled water, snacks, and extra food for vulnerable members of the family like children or elderly relatives. If you are able to do so, consider procuring sandbags to help block floodwater.

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