For SMEs Resilience is a Often a Handy Solar Battery Pack

Resilience is a real buzzword across insurance right now, but what does it actually mean? Be prepared. Yep, it is as simple as that old Boy Scout motto. So it makes sense when governments, mainstream media and power companies are all talking up power cuts and rationing energy to have some type of power pack on standby for emergencies. It also helps if you can charge it in advance when electricity is cheaper, or use solar panels.

The thought occurs to IE that a power pack like this could be useful during some claims, like flooding or escape of water, where a policyholder needed power urgently to salvage perishable stock or keep medical equipment working. Just saying.

Here’s the word from Blue TTI who have an upgraded power pack.

With over 10 years of industry experience in green energy storage solutions, BLUETTI announces the availability of its AC500 and expansion battery B300S.  Sharing many parallels with the first modular model AC300, the AC500 goes far beyond with a bunch of improvements that set itself at the forefront of the solar generator market.  The AC500 is available to buy from the BLUETTI website for a debut price of £2,599 and £2,299 for the B300S separately, whilst the AC500 and B300S combo only costs £4,499.

With a range of high-performance features, the BLUETTI AC500 has nine ways of charging available, allowing users to choose their preferred option. 100% modular and compatible with the B300 and B300S battery packs, it holds a huge capacity of up to 18.432Wh and the 5000W inverter (10000W surge) can cover most power needs even for high-power electronics.

By connecting it with at least two B300S, and charging via AC and PV simultaneously, the AC500 allows an 8.000W max input with 0-100% charging only taking 1.5 hours, significantly saving on charging time. Another time-efficient feature, the AC500 can be charged by AC, solar, generator, lead-acid battery, dual, or triple charging methods. Users need to simply plug in the wall outlet and solar panels to efficiently charge the AC500 quickly with a max 8.000W input.

BLUETTI is dedicated to building a future with renewable energy and providing a budget-saving solution to go solar. Built-in with a matchless MPPT solar inverter, the AC500 allows a 3.000W maximum solar input. Therefore, recharging 3.072Wh AC500 & B300S from 0 to 80% SOC by prime sunshine only takes about 90 minutes meaning that where there’s sunlight, there’s an unlimited power supply.