Sensee Creates Framework For Bringing Staff Back to Workplaces

Contact centre homeworking company Sensée has created a Strategic Framework Guide to help organisations optimise their contact centre homeworking operations post-lockdown. 

This framework is set to be a key part of the businesses expansion into other areas of UK industry in the coming months – as part of its roll-out to help companies deal with homesworking moving forwards.

Delivered by Sensée’s experienced operational consultants, the Framework Guide will help companies make the right decisions about who should continue to work from home, when people should return to the office, and how to build sustainable working environments that are both safe and secure.

IE Note; Insurers and brokers should also inform clients they have a duty of care to staff of course, and that a fair and robust system is in place to deal with inevitable complaints from some staff, that they have been exposed to infection risk. In some ways this is uncharted territory for many commercial policies, and as ever, wording is crucial.

“According to a recent poll, 47 per cent of all the UK contact centres that implemented homeworking (for the first time) in response to the Covid-19 crisis now see work-from-home as a long term strategy” said Mark Walton, CEO of Sensée. 

There are six parts to the Framework:

1.   Selection of the people who could continue to work from home

2.   A workforce management methodology that delivers the business and employee benefits of homeworking

3.   Information security and GDPR compliance for remote workers

4.   Employee terms and conditions that safeguard the company and the individual when employing homeworkers

5.   Virtual management and training techniques

6.   Creating engaging work and social environments that help individuals thrive when working from home

By implementing the Framework, organisations will be able to build detailed, strategic plans to successfully transition advisors and managers to long term homeworking solutions.  These plans can be enacted over the coming weeks and months

“The current crisis has opened the eyes of the world to homeworking” said Rob Smale, Director, Sensée. “However, organisations are quickly discovering that the real challenge of setting up effective operations is a lot more complex than just getting people connected.  The more complex job is to optimise homeworking – not just from a technology perspective but also from a recruitment, on-boarding, management, training, scheduling and communications perspective.  Our 16 years’ experience of operating contact centre homeworking has shown that all six points within the Framework Guide need to be considered in order to manage a successful transition”. 

Details of the Sensée Framework Guide, and how Sensée’s Operational Consultants can assist your organisation create and implement a long-term homeworking strategy, can be found at

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