Travelling For Work? Healix Travel Safe Offers Vital Back-Up

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Healix, the global provider of travel risk management and international medical, security and travel assistance services, has launched its unique online tool, Healix Travel Safe, to support employers in protecting employees who are travelling for work. Following the huge success of its innovative COVID Travel Safe product launched in June 2020, the organization has developed this further to offer automated assessments of the medical, logistical and security risks posed to staff who travel on behalf of the company for work.

The new and improved Healix Travel Safe tool provides a comprehensive assessment based on analysis of the employee’s unique profile, relevant medical history and proposed itinerary to identify those who may be at increased risk of encountering various dangers and their likely impact.

By simply completing a confidential, user-friendly online questionnaire, employees will receive an instantly available assessment which they can download, along with advice and guidance on steps they can take to mitigate any risks that they will face if they proceed with the trip. A dedicated portal also enables employers to access a report detailing assessment outcomes for all employees using a traffic light system.

With work-related travel set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024, employers need the right tools to holistically assess and manage the wide-ranging risks impacting business travel including rising geopolitical tensions and natural disasters as well as unique risks facing individual employees.

The new tool comes as businesses work to ensure compliance with the new ISO 31030 standard, while reassuring employees that their safety and wellbeing throughout the trip is a top priority. As such, Healix’s Travel Safe ensures that all aspects are properly assessed for risks and security, and safety measures are taken, in line with a global best practice standard.

Charlie Butcher, CEO at Healix International, comments:

“Travelling for work can be an apprehensive venture in the context of the current climate of geopolitical volatility, recent natural disasters and other risk factors. By aligning with the latest ISO standard businesses can ensure the safety of their people, but to do so requires a thorough assessment of both the health of the traveller and their end destination. It is only with a clear understanding of which employees are more vulnerable and what threats certain locations can pose that a clear plan can be built to ensure the safety of their workforce.

“After the success of the COVID Travel Safe tool in addressing Covid-related risks, we have built out the original product to create Healix Travel Safe. This will provide employers the ability to plan and mitigate risk, in line with the global standard, but also gives travelling employees peace of mind and the knowledge that their employer is doing all they can to protect the safety of their workforce.”

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