Insurance Europe Publishes Paper on Shared In-Car Data

The use of real time in-car data is arguably one of the biggest roadblocks to Motor insurance around. The GDPR laws and other privacy rules mean that insurers must keep asking drivers for permission to share data. Journey data, parking location and routes are good. But things like factory recalls carried out, servicing, OBD code wipes, repairs after minor accidents and so on are very much part of the overall driver/user profile.

Much of this is effectively locked inside the car, available only to manufacturer franchise technicians, with the right laptop software. For innovation in PAYG insurance to happen, brands need access and this is where EU legislation might level the playing field. Here is the word from Insurance Europe, which is interesting reading. Follow the link to read the proposals.

It’s unlikely that Sunak or whatever regime replaces the Conservatives after 2024, will opt out of significant EU legislation like this, so anything agreed is likely to be binding for UK insurers.

The EU Data Act is set to shape the future of the EU single market for data. It is therefore crucial that it establishes a framework that supports innovation. Insurance Europe has today published a ​ paper  that examines the impact of the different positions taken on the Data Act proposal by the European co-legislators — the European Commission, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament — in the trialogue discussions.

Insurance Europe welcomes the Data Act proposal, as it sets out key principles on how to access and share data collected from connected devices, but robust sector-specific legislation on access to in-vehicle data is still needed to provide the confidence and incentive independent service providers require to invest in new data-driven services.

Insurance Europe’s paper sets out the insurance industry’s positions on amendments proposed by the different co-legislators in relation to compensation, data use, trade secrets and data-sharing between businesses and governments.

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