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Some handy tips on home security during the holidays. These could be useful as the Police are always busy when a burglary is happening. Here’s the word and we recommend some “Images are being recorded” stickers plus a couple of security lights. Even if you don’t have cameras, or a Ring doorbell, it’s all good psychology.

Holiday season is just around the corner. Whether it be for a UK staycation or jetting off to a different country, we can sometimes spend what is supposed to be a time to relax, worrying about our home. In the UK, searches for ‘home security whilst on holiday’ have skyrocketed by 250% in the last year. So, experts at Express Bi-Folding Doors have explained how you can keep your home secure and safe from burglars and thieves.

1. Make sure your door is fully secure

This may be an obvious one, however there are many other ways to ensure your doors are secure than just keeping them locked. Rear doors tend to be the top target for burglars, so make sure patio doors are as secure as possible.

If you’re planning on having your doors replaced in the future, especially your external doors, make sure that your hinges are on the inside. This is because having your hinges exposed make it much easier for burglars to physically remove your door. You could also consider installing a door with a multi-locking system.

However, if you can’t replace your door – it’s important to check your current locks for their security rating to ensure it matches the recommended level.

2. Make sure your windows and doors are more private

Simply increasing the privacy of your home is also a great way to deter burglars. A great long-term way of increasing your privacy is by planting trees around your perimeter. Using evergreen trees doesn’t only give you protection year-round but also provides a lovely view out of your windows. Don’t plant trees too close or the roots might damage the foundations of course.

You could also consider using privacy window film, which prevents anyone from looking in. The film is easy to put on and take off your windows. So if you didn’t want to have it on all the time, you could always leave it on whilst you’re on holiday.

3. Don’t hide a spare key outside

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work to come to realise that you’re locked out, and whilst you think this could be avoided by hiding a spare key under a rock, the rug or a nearby plant pot, know that it’s very likely a thief would find it.

If you are worried about being locked out, or want to just make it easier if you’re having someone to look after your home whilst you’re away, consider installing a key-safe somewhere out of sight of your front door. The safe should be security approved and accessible with a code making it a great place to put a spare key.

4. Make your home visible. Think Smarter.

Why this might almost feel like something you shouldn’t be doing, making sure that your front garden is open and visible can eliminate hiding spots and access points for thieves. You can do this by lining the garden with thorny shrubs which can also put them off trying to break in or hide.

Another element to consider is potentially having a gravel drive or pathway, which could act as a noise deterrent.

Is your car still on the drive? Make sure keys are locked inside Faraday cage boxes if you own a proximity type key. It’s worth fitting an old school steering lock – they are another problem for car thieves to solve. Smart Water markings on cars, caravans, bicycles and more all helps increase your chances of getting nicked stuff back if the worst happens. Again put a Smart Water sticker somewhere visible, even if you haven’t marked everything.

IE Top Tip – Stay Off Faceache!

Our top tip at Insurance Edge is simple; stay off Facebook, Instagram and other social media bragging sites. The more people who know you are away, the greater your chances of being robbed. Same goes for informing window cleaners, delivery van drivers or gardeners. Ask yourself who really needs to know your exact wherabouts and keep that circle of trust to a minimum.

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