Need an Automated Sales Solution? Zeliq Has Answers

Founded in early 2023, French startup, Zeliq, has raised €5 million (roughly $5.43 million) in a pre-seed funding round led by Resonance and joined by Pauline Boucon Duval, Obratori, and + BAs.

The investments gathered from the initial funding round will be put towards Zeliq’s mission of empowering sales teams, by utilizing the power of AI, to reveal accurate prospect data and turn them into clients. This will be done in a bid to overcome the difficulties outbound sales face as prospect data is more often than not inaccurate and outdated. Subsequently, sales reps can use Zeliq to reach out to clients via omnichannel on autopilot.

Seasoned startup founder and CEO of Zeliq, Dorian Ciavarella, founded the company after realizing that all the previous companies where he served as a board member, or as business angel, faced the same problem – the lack of outbound culture. This led to the creation of a SaaS solution that would provide companies with the sales automation that they need to resolve related pains. Joining Mr Ciavarella in this quest are startup veterans Victor Lennel, CTO of Zeliq, and Guillaume Cruz, Zeliq’s COO.

Built from Zeliq’s in-house technology, this all-in-one sales solution will be the first of its kind on the market. Currently, many different automated sales solutions are available, however, these tools focus on automating a single task in the sales cycle – not encompassing the process from start to finish. This renders the sales teams’ time and resources inefficient due to manual admin tasks that take up capacity and teams being unable to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best – securing viable business leads and locking in valuable clients. Zeliq’s solution thus sets out to overcome this by optimizing sales operations, via AI, with accessibility and efficiency in mind for BDRs to fulfill the sales cycle.


“Zeliq hosts your entire sales toolstack in a single platform, eliminating the need to switch from one toolstack to another. We’ve mapped out the most efficient way for business developers to work, giving sales teams the automation they need to close deals faster. By incorporating AI technology, we want to make the sales process as friendly as possible – starting from finding the right list of prospects, getting the correct contact details, and all the way to conducting outreach.” – Dorian Ciavarella, Founder and CEO of Zeliq.

Among its many functions, Zeliq’s tool will include dynamic features such as auto-prospection, allowing business development representatives (BDRs) to input their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). After input, Zeliq’s enrichment AI will take over to generate the best list of leads that matches the desired criteria – ensuring the highest conversion rate.

With an all-in-one view dashboard, sales reps no longer have to switch between multiple tools to keep track of sales and this view will also allow teams to see the activities of all BDRs. In addition, a LinkedIn plug-in will be made available, together with an email automator that will integrate with BDRs’ workflow to ensure reminders and follow-ups are never missed.

With a dedicated team of 20 employees strong, Zeliq is experiencing rapid expansion and gearing up for its Series A funding round to launch in the near future. According to Mr Ciavarella, “we’re set on expanding globally as we’re pleased with the progress we’ve made locally in a very short amount of time”. According to the Zeliq team, they are on track to go live in Q3 of 2023.

Zeliq has a beta test scheduled, which will officially kick-off on 15 June 2023. More here.

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