Learning Curve: Sports Insurance at The Sarasota Open

Revolutionizing sports event insurance, offering unparalleled protection against cyber attacks, and confidently empowering the sports community says Matt Mallory, CEO at Mallory Agency.

In the ever-evolving world of insurance, exploring new territories and seizing growth opportunities is essential. Mallory Agency, a pioneering player in the insurance industry, has recently ventured into sports event insurance by becoming the official insurance provider and title sponsor for the Sarasota Open Tennis event from April 7 – 14, 2024. Embracing this fresh horizon, Mallory is determined to revolutionize the sports insurance landscape through strategic business development and unwavering commitment to clients.

While Mallory Agency may be relatively new to sports event insurance, our journey began with a unique perspective. One of our esteemed clients transitioned his career into the investment and development of sports events, opening our eyes to the immense potential in this domain. The allure of engaging with clients in a fun and relaxed environment, our inherent passion for sports, and our dedication to business strategy development fueled our decision to venture alongside our client.

As the broker of record and title sponsor for the esteemed Sarasota Open Tennis event, we aim to rapidly gain recognition within the sports community. This event provides us with invaluable insights and expertise, enabling us to offer comprehensive coverage tailored to the specific needs of sporting events, including cyber attacks, reputational damage, and ticketing fraud.

Game, Set, Growth Mode

We are committed to leveraging our position as a leading sports event insurer to expand our client base and actively engage with event attendees, participants, and organizers while addressing their personal and corporate insurance needs. We understand and approach the unique challenges of sports event insurance with precision and expertise. Our comprehensive services encompass:

● Insuring against unpredictable weather.

● Safeguarding against theft.

● Combating online hijacking of ticket sales and merchandise.

We advise our clients on cyber liability, especially for any event that handles client information through a CRM tool or database, manages merchandise, or accepts entry payments via ticketing or merchandise. While cyber liability cannot prevent digital theft, data hijacking, or malicious online behavior, it provides essential protection. It empowers us to fight on the client’s behalf when such incidents occur, offering security.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to prioritizing compliance and safety measures to ensure the well-being of volunteers, staff, and spectators, ultimately allowing events to thrive without undue worry.

Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball

Our reputation as a trusted and reliable insurer has been built on several key factors that set us apart in the industry:

● Outstanding Relationships with Larger Underwriting Partners: We have cultivated strong partnerships with larger underwriting partners in the middle market. These connections enable us to access a wide range of insurance solutions and offer comprehensive coverage options to our clients.

● Strategic Insight and Timing: Understanding what conversations to have and when is crucial in the fast-paced world of sports event insurance. We possess the strategic insight to navigate complex insurance scenarios and seize opportunities at the right time.

● Synchronizing with Event Timelines: Sports events operate on tight schedules, and delays can have significant consequences. We recognize the importance of synchronizing insurance processes with event timelines. Timely execution is essential, as any delay on the insurance side could hinder access to facilities or event areas.

● Being Dialed in and Ready to Go: We are ready to act immediately to cater to our client’s needs. Understanding the cadence of our client’s requirements, the types of insurance needed, and the urgency they need allows us to respond promptly and efficiently.

● Having Underwriters on Call: A crucial aspect of our success is having a team of dedicated underwriters on call to swiftly address our client’s needs and avoid unnecessary delays.

Teamwork On and Off the Court

Our clients choose Mallory Agency because we possess a unique combination of expertise, strategic acumen, and operational efficiency. When they partner with us, they gain access to a team that understands the intricacies of the sports industry, can seamlessly navigate the insurance landscape, and become true partners that will be proud to say, “See you on the court.”

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