Conference liveblogging; create drama and collect followers

I recently began liveblogging from conferences and I thought I’d share a little about how it worked out.

Initially I had been hired to produce a write up of the event as a whole, but the reporter in me wanted to tell people the headlines as and when they were being spoken. So, using a combination of my twitter account and the excellent autoscroll application I was able to do just that and I’m really pleased with the result.

The essential truth about conferences is that unless you are watching them live, they will pass you by. The liveblogging approach gives readers a sense of what’s being said without any of the preamble of video, nor the long winded prose of a full blown article. Event organisers can maximise their content without giving away the crown jewels, and with the appropriate #hashtags, you’ll get retweets and replies that build the conversation around the conference brand. 

Behind the liveblogging approach you can also disseminate content like video, powerpoint or other media so that the outside world gets a more interactive experience and doesn’t leave without their curiosity satisfied.

With the right editorial guidelines, liveblogging can become an essential reporting tool. Journalists already use it to report from political meetings and corporates increasingly see it as a means of generating additional publicity from press conferences on a rainy day when no one’s shown up!

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