Perkbox Partners With Healix on Private Healthcare Initiative

Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, is today announcing its partnership with Healix, the global leader in international healthcare services, as it expands its  Perkbox Medical offering to include two additional tiers of health insurance.

Perkbox Medical is designed to reduce health insurance costs for every company. It achieves this by strategically re-aligning policy benefits to deliver great cover in key areas whilst controlling costs throughout the claims journey. The aim is to cater for private healthcare needs across a wide spectrum of businesses, in an accessible and easy-to-manage way.

It’s a tiered solution meaning at least some level of health cover is available to every UK business, giving employers an extra layer of flexibility. Tier 1 offerings launched late last year and include a digital private GP service, private prescription and delivery services. Tiers 2 and 3, manufactured and underwritten by Healix, will now extend this private health cover to include further care and treatment such as physiotherapy, diagnostic investigations and mental health support at over 800 hospitals and clinics.

In this way, Perkbox will continue supporting the NHS with patient issues that are in highest demand through public healthcare.

Hannah Sims, Product Manager at Perkbox Medical comments:

‘Employee wellbeing is a key priority for companies striving to ensure their workforce remains happy and engaged. In fact, it’s not only employers, mental health was selected as a key theme in Davos 2019 by the World Economic Forum.

“The NHS is a powerful system that we are lucky to have, but it is overstretched in certain areas. Private healthcare is becoming an increasingly compelling solution, even for younger generations of workers. The challenge is its cost, which is currently making it inaccessible to the majority of UK businesses. By focusing on what really matters and is relevant today, we’ve designed a bespoke insurance product that is plain speaking, simple-to-buy, and that offers great cover at a great price to suit a variety of company budgets.”

Phil Denman, MD of Insurance at Healix comments:

‘At Healix we are passionate about innovation and putting customers’ needs at the heart of our health and wellbeing products. Precisely for this reason, we’re very excited to be working with Perkbox on this ground-breaking new solution. The PMI market has not been disrupted like this in a very long time and we cannot wait to show businesses how affordable private health insurance can be. Changing long held perceptions is not easy and we needed a player with a strong brand and genuine mission like Perkbox to come in and work with us to deliver this step-change product.’

Insurance Edge Comment;

Enlightened companies of all sizes will increasingly look at private medical insurance schemes in order to help their employees cope with illness, obtain treatment quicker and ultimately save the company money in sick leave, or hiring temporary staff.

Whatever the eventual outcome of the Brexit fandango, there is little doubt that mass migration will continue at the 300k-500k level each year, for the forseeable future. Add on the fact that we enjoy slightly longer lifespans, although our latter years tend to be ones supported by carers, medication and specialised accomodation. Net result? Even more demand.

The antiquated and unreformed NHS system, designed in the 1940s for an entirely different world of work and social problems simply cannot cope; from GP surgeries, to Intensive Care Units the evolution of a two-tier healthcare system across the UK, especially in the more prosperous South East, is an unstoppable process.

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