Modern Dashcams Make Driving in Winter That Bit Safer

As low sun, high winds, rain, ice and snow pushes driving skills to the max, drivers are being urged to do a simple upgrade to their car to ensure they get immediate assistance in the event of an accident and throughout an insurance claim.  Theo is a 4G connected ‘super’ dashcam utilising an effective and easy to use combination of HD video, telematics, forward collision sensors and voice.  The device fits seamlessly to any vehicle’s windscreen and comes with a mobile app that helps track journeys and provides personalised driving scores.

Theo warns drivers when they get too close to the car in front, records the road ahead through a HD camera and speaks to the driver in the car following an accident to facilitate immediate and on-going support.

What really sets Theo apart from conventional dashcams is the expert team that is ready to support customers following a collision.

Mike Brockman, the pioneer of technology to improve road safety and creator of Theo says: “Given most collisions occur at speeds of less than 20mph in the UK, Theo will help reduce the risk of driver inattention which can lead to these accidents and have a knock on effect for the cost of insurance. As the service develops, warnings of accident black spots will be offered.

“There are a lot of factors at play at this time of year – busier roads, bad weather, poor visibility.  It’s crucial motorists find ways to keep calm and focused such as installing the Theo to offer an extra safeguard against the risk of collision.”

Find out more about Theo.

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