Socially Distant Commuting? Two Wheels Wins, Every Time

The prospect of fighting your way back onto a stinking old bus or train, or venture into a sweaty Tube station at rush hour, isn’t one that many commuters will be looking forward too. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why so many people seem happy to sit at home spending their furlough cash on Deliveroo and Netflix?

But for those who want to work, or just HAVE to battle to work regardless because they’re a key worker, or their company has told them turn up or be replaced, then commuting via scooter or motorbike is the safest option. For one thing, you’re wearing a crash helmet, and most likely you’ll be two metres away from most people except very fast cyclists zipping up the inside sometimes. You might just find a parking space too – result!

OK, it rains in the UK – we ain’t gonna lie, being a biker can be miserable sometimes – but for the avoidance of pandemics it’s hard to beat two wheels.

So it’s great that Suzuki is supporting the Motorcycle Industry Association’s campaign to encourage commuters to make the switch to a motorcycle or scooter for their journey to work, as the UK’s lockdown continues to ease and employers return to work.

Launched this week, the campaign seeks to highlight the government’s own travel advice – consider all other forms of transport before using public transport – and how powered two-wheelers can play a significant role in reducing the reliance on buses, trains, and the Tube.

Instead of packing into carriages and coaches and increasing potential exposure to the coronavirus, commuters on a motorcycle or scooter can enjoy a safer, socially-distant journey to work, while also reaping the other benefits it has to offer too. Congestion is a thing of the past, with the ability to filter through queuing traffic, while hugely impressive mpg figures make a mockery of ticket prices: Suzuki’s Address scooter delivers an estimated best 134mpg – at a steady 56mph. It’s also more fun.

Suzuki GB’s national motorcycle marketing manager, Ian Bland, said, “We are completely behind this campaign and initiative from our industry as a whole. Naturally, we’ve known about the benefits of commuting via motorcycle for a long time, but it seems now more than ever there is a real incentive for people to move away from other forms of transport and consider the positive effects motorcycling can have on their commute and well-being.

“While the motorcycling community is very social, the act of riding is socially-distant, helping comply with government advice at this time. It’s also economical, affordable, and practical, and we are committed to encouraging new riders to discover those benefits for themselves, along with our industry partners.”

For more information on Suzuki’s model range and current offers, click here.


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