TRL Finds 90% of Drivers Would Choose Electric, If Range Was 300 Miles

In a recent announcement from the government, the continued focus on achieving a zero-emission future has been accelerated.


New green number plates are set to be rolled out in autumn to encourage drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative will help local authorities to develop new policies that will incentivise people to own and drive the green-flagged vehicles, such as cheaper parking and free entry into zero-emission zones. On top of this, £12 million funding for ground-breaking research into the zero-emission market has been announced, to help look into the development of greener vehicles and improve vehicle charging technology.

This government initiative is in line with recommendations TRL provided as part of its Consumer, Vehicles and Energy Integration (CVEI) study. It suggested that government intervention would be needed to incentivise consumers to take up EVs.

In addition, the study found that 50 percent of mainstream consumers would consider an EV as their main car if its range increased to 200 miles, which rose to 90 percent if the range was increased to 300 miles. The study also found a greater likelihood of consumer adoption if there was increased investment in infrastructure that could provide rapid charging points every 20 miles on motorways and A-roads.

Since the study, the average range for an EV has increased to a promising 193 miles and is improving year-on-year. With advancements in EV viability, combined with the increased investment from the government for EV technology and infrastructure, TRL now question – are we finally at the tipping point for an EV revolution?

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