Marketing: Urban Jungle Connects With Generation Rent via TV Ad Campaign

Urban Jungle, which provides home insurance for ‘Generation Rent’, has embarked on its most ambitious move yet by launching a TV advertising campaign.

The challenger brand, launched in 2016, invested a six figure amount into TV airtime to broadcast a 30 second ad which aims to attract millennials and renters to its low cost home contents insurance.

“It was a big gamble. We invested a lot of time and money into this. So we knew we had to get this absolutely right,” says CEO Jimmy Williams.

“The big challenge with TV advertising is ensuring the ad is high quality, without breaking the bank. It’s possible to film on a shoestring, but a low quality ad can harm your brand. We had to spend tens of thousands to get what we needed.”

The ad had been planned for earlier in the year but lockdown prevented filming.

“We were all set to film our TV ad, literally in lockdown week, and then we had to shut everything down.”

See the TV ad here;

However, the delay came with a silver lining. As more young people worked from home and went out less, TV viewing audiences rose. Daytime viewing figures for young adults are up by 60-80% compared to 2019, according to figures from Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB).

“Right now, there’s no more efficient way to tell lots of people about your brand than TV. The cost per eyeball on TV is, on average, 50% cheaper for us when compared to social media right now.

“The TV ad went live on Monday 13th July and we’ve seen a really big increase in traffic to our website and also of sales. Traffic is up 90% month over month and sales are up over 100%.

“Social media advertising has become a lot more competitive, so it’s not the no-brainer it once was. We also have a product with very broad appeal, so some of the targeting is less relevant.”

Urban Jungle recently raised a further £2.5m from Eka Ventures and a host of high profile backers, bringing the total raised by the company to £6.2m. Nonetheless, Williams admits the big advertising spend was a gamble.

“Every insurer has to take risks, and this is the most ambitious ad campaign we have ever run. We also did some outdoor advertising on the London Underground and saw an impact on our sales after a few weeks.”

The 30 second ad features ‘Tom’, who has lots of things he loves, such as a coffee maker, a bicycle and video games, but is struggling to get cover as he’s a renter.

“It’s early days, and we would usually expect to see the impact of an ad campaign like this play out over 3-6 months, but, overall, our business is roaring back to growth post lockdown and TV has been a big part of that.”


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