Virtual Healthcare: Eutelmed Signs Three Strategic Partnerships

To complement its specific expertise related to mental health, EUTELMED announces the signing of three strategic partnerships in Europe with leading companies in general telemedicine: MesDocteurs in France, HealthHero in the United Kingdom, and Knokcare in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. These agreements enable Eutelmed to provide Europe’s first multilingual teleconsultation offer in general medicine, 24/7, with no appointment necessary.

More than investing in a new market, it’s about responding to a growing societal need

Pioneering telemedicine company in Europe, EUTELMED has observed various societal changes regarding access to health professionals over the past 10 years. While consultation by appointment remains the rule in certain specialties (psychiatry, neuropsychology, speech therapy, etc.), other ones are having to deal with changing patient behaviours and needs.

In an era of chats, smartphones and tablets, the concept of immediacy and nomadism has conquered the habits of every citizen, and consulting a general practitioner at any time of the day or night, wherever one may be, is increasingly becoming the norm.

Establishing partnerships with expert players from the main European countries

The ability to consult a general practitioner at any time, in several languages, and anywhere in Europe … This is the ambition that guided the agreements between EUTELMED and:

  • MesDocteurs in France: created in 2015, the company now covers one in three French people, and offers a connection by videoconference (with or without a camera) or chat with a general practitioner, 24/7, in less than 15 minutes.
  • HealthHero in the UK: this is the company with most experience in providing a 24/7 general medicine service in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. 4 million people are covered by this service.
  • Knokcare in Portugal: global supplier of integrated medical video-consultation platforms, the company has set up numerous partnerships with hospitals, healthcare organisations, and insurers, to enable web-based contact between doctors and patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As well as these three partnerships, EUTELMED is currently working on the development of this network in other European countries.

What are the practical applications of these partnerships for EUTELMED users?

The economic principle vis-à-vis partners and users is based on the transparency of the service: each consultation with a general practitioner is billed directly to the employee’s insurer or to his employer and paid to the partner. EUTELMED ensures its remuneration by invoicing the insurer or the employer a fixed annual subscription for this multilingual general medicine service.

On the technical side, beneficiaries can access the service via the Eutelmed teleconsultation platform. Once registered, users can go to “General medicine 24/7”. They then have the option of choosing one of the partners, depending on which language filter they have selected. After that, they just need to click on “Start consultation” to be connected with the appropriate service. 

For Bernard Astruc, Psychiatrist and co-founder of EUTELMED: “The COVID period saw the global number of teleconsultations soar. Whilst only representing 1% before COVID, they have reached 11% in recent months. These healthcare usage behaviours, despite being driven by a constraint, are likely to become the norm in future. Furthermore, the complementarity between general medicine and psychological and psychiatric issues is more and more significant. Confinement, new behaviours, and bridges between medical disciplines reinforce the need to facilitate patients’ care pathways.”

For Antoine Abadie, co-founder of EUTELMED and finance & development director: “These partnerships are the result of a real demand from employees who use our services. We have been offering general medicine teleconsultations in several languages since 2016, but by appointment only. Faced with the emergence of a “nomadic consumption” of healthcare and the difficulty of having a physical appointment with one’s local General Practitioner – often meaning a crowded waiting room – it is now essential to offer a service based on the advantages of digital technology, making it possible to consult in your mother tongue, wherever you are. 

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