Majesco Launches New Partnerships On its EcoExchange


Majesco, a global provider of cloud insurance platform software, has announced the expansion of new partnerships and apps in the Majesco Digital1st® EcoExchange, a curated live, plug-n-play ecosystem. These new apps will provide new business capabilities to accelerate the insurance industry digital transformation.

The company continues to make progress as the acqusition by Thoma Bravo has boosted the share price and offers opportunities too. Thoma Bravo announced a deal to buy property software company RealPage in the USA yesterday.

“Majesco Digital1st® EcoExchange is a next-generation marketplace of partner apps designed to enable the insurance industry to make its transition to the digital,” says Manish Shah, President and Chief Product Officer at Majesco. “We’re continuously working with today’s top industry partners to develop apps.”

The latest update includes a new app from industry partner Infinilytics and new partner relationship with Innovative Systems.


A software company that provides Cloud based AI insights and analytics from unstructured data to the insurance industry. Its Charlee Insights app, available on Majesco’s Digital1st® EcoExchange, is a state-of-the-art Insights Engine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a deep and intuitive understanding of information from all types and sources both internal and external and structured and unstructured. Charlee Insights API can be integrated with any claims management system in real-time or in a botch mode and includes red flags, alerts, recommendations and litigation predicted flags. Its’ Insights are based on structured and unstructured claims data, and internal external (enrichment) data including documents.

Innovative Systems

In addition, Majesco signed an agreement with Innovative Systems, a leading provider of high-accuracy enterprise data management and risk management solutions and consulting services to major organizations. The FinScan AI-powered compliance screening technology will be the first app offered from Innovative Systems on the EcoExchange. FinScan accurately screens against more than 70 international government-provided compliance lists with its advanced data quality and data matching algorithms. FinScan also maintains these lists by continuously monitoring list sources for additions and revisions, promptly updating lists with the latest changes, and parsing, standardizing and reformatting list data before matching. Examples of compliance lists include the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) SDN, HM Treasury, and EU Consolidated. FinScan also screens against any internal do-not-do business lists and integrates with all third-party high-risk databases.

These additions underscore Majesco’s continued investment in the Ecosystem and Platform strategy that enable insurers to create personalized and compelling digital experiences for its customers and agents by leveraging innovative capabilities and data sources offered by a growing diverse community of partners. It emphasizes the growing need for insurers to adopt robust ecosystems and help customers easily innovate and compete in this new digital era.

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