Cyber Risk Aware Launches New Automated Response Product

Cyber Risk Aware, who claim to be the only company in the world to offer a ‘real-time’ cyber security awareness training platform through online training, human cyber risk assessment and phishing simulation solutions, is excited to bring SOARDphish™ to market.

Giving businesses a dual layer of cyber security, Cyber Risk Aware’s SOARDphish™ technology automatically analyses suspected phishing emails reported by staff, rapidly shutting down any active attack, instantly protecting a business from a potentially fatal attack. Given that many such attacks can happen outside of normal office hours, having an automated response can be a really wise move.

Last year, 98% of UK security professionals reported an increase in cyber-attacks, with 96% revealing more sophisticated methods being used in these attacks. At the height of the pandemic phishing emails were up by nearly 700%, ramped up further with Covid-19 vaccine related attacks. Over 4.5 million suspected phishing emails have already been reported to the PDSC in the UK this year.

“We’ve seen phishing attacks evolve in sophistication and numbers, with many businesses facing a continuous onslaught of automated phishing attacks striking their networks.” said Stephen Burke, CEO of Cyber Risk Aware. “We knew there was a need to meet this head on, at the same speed these attacks were hitting businesses; and we wanted a solution that moved away from increasingly costly, labour intensive manual phishing email analysis. By introducing  SOARDphish™, a cyber risk management system that automatically analyses any suspected phishing email reported by staff, our clients and partners are now able to automate an incident response step system that deals with the positive threats, taking their cyber protection to the next level.”

SOARDphish™ solution is an innovative automated response system that rapidly analyses suspected phishing emails reported by employees, using scanners, sandboxes and threat intelligence repositories. It has the capabilities to strengthen and improve the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR), getting to work instantly removing an active phishing attack and all copies of that email. The SOARDphish™ technology also identifies if someone has already clicked on the malicious email, swiftly removing that machine from the network too.

With over 90% of data breaches caused by human error, training and educating staff to spot fraudulent activity is of utmost importance and should always be the first line of defence. Cyber Risk Aware’s cyber security awareness training programme, hailed by Gartner for its unique and innovative solution, is the only company in the world to provide ‘real-time’ cyber security awareness training. GCHQ accredited by the Chartered Institute of Information Security, Cyber Risk Aware’s leading cyber security solution is widely accessible and integrates fully with the MS Security Stack. SOARDphish™ works seamlessly with Cyber Risk Aware’s PhishHuk plugin to automatically analyse suspicious emails, offering that double layer of protection to any business.

“The cohesion of both human defences and technical support to protect businesses from cyber attacks is at the heart of everything we do.” said Burke. “Our real-time training and education ensures employees know what to do should they receive a phishing email so their employer can quickly analyse and respond. With our new SOARDphish™ technology we automate this analysis and response, delivering cost reductions by removing costly manual steps as well as reducing the cost of a cyber incident.”

Combining automated SOAR functionality with real-time training and education, Cyber Risk Aware paves the way for businesses to strengthen and improve their cyber security, using advanced technology and cost effective measures to analyse and respond to phishing emails that threaten employees and businesses.

More information on Cyber Risk Aware’s SOARDphish™ can be found here:

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