CodeScene Secures Crucial Patent

CodesScene is pleased and proud to announce the grant of US Patent 10,802,823.

CodeScene, a  tech startup in Malmö, Sweden is the owner of a new US patent that could be the future of stable code. The newly issued patent (no. 10,802,823) was assigned for a method that identifies critical parts in software code, an essential step in eradicating common tech debt that can cripple companies. The technology applies to the field of software programming – specifically, to software code management and risk assessment of software code. This method enables Tech companies in all industries to identify and prioritize improvements to their existing software based on the business impact, time, and money.

Companies whose products run on proprietary software spend a large part of their budget on maintaining and improving existing software code. Large software modules are often produced by multiple developers; in larger companies, it is possible that  30-40 developers may contribute to a single software module. Further, such large software modules could consist of thousands of lines of code, and may in some cases be seen as a system by themselves. Software code that undergoes such extensive changes is often difficult to maintain, and doesn’t allow for a single developer to have a holistic picture of its evolution.

In January 2021, CodeScene announced raising a new venture capital round of 30 million Swedish kronor (€3M) from investors Inventure and Luminar Ventures.  The funding round allows CodeScene to accelerate the company’s international expansion and continue driving product leadership in this crucial field.

The method invented by CodeScene delivers valuable actionable insights that companies can use to prioritize improvements on the code that will bring the biggest and fastest benefits to their organization.

According to McKinsey, tech debt (the cost of additional work required to repair hastily-built, faulty code) costs 20 to 40 percent of the value of technology estate before depreciation. There is a proven market need for improved software code management, facilitating software maintenance and a better understanding of software code.

This granted patent is a testament to the innovation of this transformative method, created by Adam Tornhill and the team at CodeScene.  Patents are powerful tools and this proves that they are not exclusive to large businesses: CodeScene, a small tech start-up in Sweden, has invented a method that solves a global challenge. This patent strengthens CodeScenes position in the field of software development.

”I’m truly proud of the inventions behind this patent. All the years of dedication and work from our development team is paying off. CodeScene wants to give code an intelligent voice, and an important part of that is to identify the critical parts in a codebase; the parts that pose short- and long-term risks to the business.”

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