Some People Actually Miss The Commute. Seriously.

New research from Direct Line Life Insurance reveals lockdown is leading us to miss things we never thought we would, with over seven million people (13 per cent) even longing for the dreaded rush hour commute due to the lost sense of normality caused by Covid-19.

The loss of normality is leading millions of us to also miss normal working life. The research found that one in five (20 per cent), some 11 million people, can’t wait to get back to the office and even long for some enforced workplace ‘fun’ such as team building workshops (18 per cent), as it would be preferable to the feeling of isolation. While many workers enjoyed keeping their PJs on or working in comfy sweats, one in six (17 per cent) now miss having to wear work suitable attire and making an effort with their appearance.

Outside of working life, more than 16 million people (31 per cent) are craving crowds and longing to be jostled about or crammed into an entertainment venue. While trekking round busy shops used to incite annoyance in many, over a quarter (27 per cent) now long to fight over sales now. They even dream of facing the frustration of not being able to find a seat in a crowded bar or pub (27 per cent).

In terms of daily life, over 14 million people of those missing an activity (47 per cent) say that the effects of lockdown measures have made them crave social interaction, with 13.2 million admitting they simply long to be outside of their home. Over 11 million (37 per cent) miss being able to plan and having something to look forward to, 7.8 million (26 per cent) long to have a routine and over 6.1 million (20 per cent) want the feeling back of being busy.

Although lockdown has made Brits yearn for certain activities that they never expected to, the pandemic has also made people reflect and appreciate the more simple things in everyday life. Over half of the population (28.1 million) now treasure spending time with their family more compared to before the pandemic.

You could commute by electric motorcycle. And it might be more fun than the bus.

Vincent Guadagnino, Communications Manager at Direct Line Life Insurance, commented:  “The countless changes to work, home and social life that people have experienced over the past year have made many of us feel a lost sense of normality and yearn for the things we previously took for granted.

“It can be hard in lockdown to be active and stay positive, however it is important to remember to talk to friends and family, do things you enjoy and participate in daily exercise in order to maintain good physical and mental health. As we start to head out of lockdown, hopefully we remember to appreciate the small things like seeing our loved ones.”

Direct Line Life Insurance (provided by AIG) gives customers access to the Smart Health online service, allowing them to keep on top of their mental and physical health by providing 24-hour health services such as UK-based GPs and mental health support and access to fitness and nutrition programmes.

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