DAC Beachcroft Launches Celtic Care Info Package

International law firm DAC Beachcroft (DACB) has extended its suite of Customer Care animations about the insurance claims litigation process, launching a Celtic Customer Care package for the Scotland and Northern Ireland jurisdictions. Developed in DACB’s claims research and development hub Innovations Lab, the suite of explainer animations now includes eight for Scotland and 11 for Northern Ireland, in addition to the original 11 videos launched last year that relate to England and Wales.

The short animations, each lasting 60-90 seconds, discuss the key stages that a litigated insurance claim can pass through from start to finish, what insurers’ customers and commercial clients, as parties or witnesses in the litigation process, can expect at each stage, what action they might be required to take and when.

Embedded into DACB’s claims handling process, the relevant animation is sent by SMS to the insurer customer’s or witness’s smart phone immediately prior to the corresponding stage of the litigation. The animations are also accessed via QR codes and URL links included within key documents and correspondence.

“The animations aim to answer, proactively, the queries that people most often ask about the claims process, so that they feel less daunted by the whole experience and are clear about what is expected of them, particularly if their case goes to trial,” said Pete Allchorne, Partner and Head of DACB’s Innovations Lab.

“Our first animations proved popular, supporting insurers’ customers along the claims journey, and we’re optimistic that these latest additions will be equally well received.”

“This is another example of how DACB is continuing to push the boundaries of innovation,” commented Craig Dickson, Chief Executive Office of DAC Beachcroft’s Claims Solutions Group. “We know that communicating through digital channels continues to be a fundamental requirement as technology evolves, and through this new service believe we have leveraged technology’s ability to improve the journey our insurer clients’ customers and witnesses experience with us through the claims process.”

Launched in 2016, DACB’s Innovations Lab enables the firm’s lawyers to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and the wider insurance industry, to design, prototype, test and deliver new ideas for commercial products and services, and future claims solutions. Innovations to come out of the Innovations Lab most recently include a new property tool, AIDan, that assists with the initial triage process of potential insurance recovery claims and Workcentre, a 2nd-generation, electronic working platform, rolled out in February, to enable faster, more accurate transfer of client and matter data into the firm.

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