Climate Activists Want Total Control of Your Policy Book

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Straight talking from the Editor’s keyboard;

IE got an angry press release from Insurance Rebellion (IR) today – yep, there is now a specific group of activists looking to make life difficult for UK insurers and have the final say on their business decisions. Regardless of whether you agree with fossil fuel use or not, IR are determined to stop any UK insurers from underwriting, or issuing policies on coal mining, gas, oil and biomass projects. Is that decision-making power shift OK with your shareholders?

Harriet, 28, from Insurance Rebellion, said: “Every day Lloyd’s continues to insure fossil fuel projects we move one step closer to climate breakdown. They are complicit in the destruction of our planet, causing millions of people’s homes to be flooded, burnt to the ground in wildfires, and reclaimed by rising sea levels. Fossil fuel companies can’t run without insurance, so let’s stop insuring them.”

But what exactly do IR want, apart from a Blue Peter Climate Champion badge and getting on Sky News?

Insurance Rebellions stated demands of Lloyd’s of London are to immediately and forever:

– Tell the truth about who you insure and the impact of insuring and/or reinsuring fossil fuels and biomass, which enables climate destruction, puts profit over people, and puts everything we love at risk.
– Stop insuring and/or reinsuring any and all fossil fuel and biomass companies and projects, including those that already exist, are expanding, are new, or are planned.
– Exclude all fossil fuel and biomass companies from syndicate level assets, Members’ Funds, and the Central Fund of Lloyd’s.

So in effect, an activist group wants to be a member of your Board, making daily decisions on who to insure, or decline.

Not reasonable you say, but wait a minute – they have influence now, your brand does not. The World Economic Forum/Davos Group, EU ESG Group, World Health Organisation, Gates Foundation and many more are all singing much the same song. The core strategy with organisations like the WEF is to bring about fundamental social change through the application of a climate change agenda; carbon neutral companies, ESG reporting in accounts, banning travel for many people, banning car ownership, social credit scoring etc.

Governments who comply, are far more likely to receive loans from the World Bank, which announced in 2020 that new funding had been provided by the UK, Canada and other wealthier nations to help poorer countries meet climate targets. The recent announcement by Boris Johnson also shows that the UK government – well, the present one – intends to restrict energy usage, and other consumption such as meat, in order to meet climate change targets in the 2030s.

All this highlights that unelected activists ARE in charge, whether you like it or not, since they have far more influence with governments and international organisations, which are now generally run by `experts’ not elected leaders, at least in terms of climate policy.


The net result of this pressure will be that major gas, oil or mining projects will be insured by Ping An, or another major insurer who does not give two hoots what middle class Corbynistas think, and faces no direct protests or action from them, since their offices are in Beijing, Tehran, Dubai, Mumbai or Singapore. Places where red-haired vegans who drip fake oil onto pavements, or smash expensive office windows, face serious jail time – and much worse punishments.

But don’t think that by divesting your policy book of fossil risks you have a saintly halo around your brand, which will protect you from future activist attacks. These people are zealots, and will never be happy until the idea of property itself is abolished, all debt is cancelled and almost everyone is living a `virtuous’ existence of servitude to the globalist State.

When the activists tell you to stop insuring petrol and diesel cars will you cave in then? When protestors smash up fashion warehouses and demand that those who trade in cheap clothes, accessories or trainers are refused insurance, will you rush to Twitter to announce those brands are cancelled? How about charging more on Life and health policies for meat eaters to placate vegan activists?

Your business is finished then, you may as well pack in and open a recycled ocean plastics hat franchise at Glastonbury.

Those who feed the crocodile are often last on the menu, they are not saved. The leaders of the jewish community in the Warsaw ghetto were the last on the trains to the camps, their co-operation did not save them.

Hurrah for electric cars say Islington hipsters. Nobody seems bothered that the miners who dig the cobalt and lithium out to power them live in virtual slavery.


There is a balance between consumption of resources and conservation of the planet and perhaps the single biggest step forward would be – as Sir David Attenborough has suggested – empowering women around the world via education and democracy, since women who are free of patriarchy tend to have fewer children. Insurance brands who champion freedom of thought, democracy and education for all, regardless of gender, will do more to save this planet than any company which simply joins forces with the cancel culture mob.

Likewise offering people affordable choices on their lifestyle is ultimately going to bring about more lasting change than ruthless State acquisition of assets, bans on travel, meat or gas boilers. The politics of confrontation, grievance and hatred has become more fashionable than reasoned debate or enlightenment and that is a great sadness of modern times.

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