New Nissan Qashqai Offers Insurance Opportunities

One of the most popular cars of the last decade or so in the UK, the Nissan Qashqai has been completely revamped for 2021 with a hybrid, plus a pure electric option. Both should attract better off consumers compared to the older Qashqai which was seen as a budget shopper/commuter vehicle. They are more likely to buy Breakdown, Legal, NCD protection and other bolt-ons to their policies.

The new platform eveloped by Renault-Nissan will probably be used for future Renault and Mercedes models too, making it easier to repair a range of SUV models from different manufacturers, who basically use the same engine/chassis/powertrain combo.

The new Qashqai also 20 inch wheels, which make the car look bigger and therefore more impressive. Interestingly the weight of the car has been reduced by 60Kg even though Nissan claim the bodyshell is stiffer.

Here’s the word from Nissan;


Qashqai will come with two different powertrain options, the 1.3-litre petrol with mild hybrid, which is offered with two outputs.
The 12V ALiS (Advanced Lithium-ion battery System) mild hybrid system available on new Qashqai is a more affordable hybrid technology that provides torque assist, extended idle stop, quick restart and coasting stop (Xtronic only), with improvements to both fuel economy and CO2 output (-4g/km). The ALiS mild hybrid system adds just 22kg to the overall vehicle mass.

When decelerating, energy is recovered through regeneration and stored in the Lithium-ion battery. This charged energy is then supplied during Idling Stop, Coasting Stop (Xtronic versions only) and Torque Assist.


Qashqai will be offered with the innovative e-POWER powertrain, which brings the well-known advantages of an EV, such as linear, effortless acceleration and refined performance, without consideration for recharging. The battery is charged thanks to a three-cylinder 1.5 litre variable compression turbo motor which runs quietly when needed in the background.
To accommodate this unique installation, the CMF-C platform was designed from the outset to house the battery pack in the centre of the floorplan, but without compromising cabin or trunk space.

“When we started to define the needs and priorities for the next generation of Qashqai customers, we could see that we faced enormous engineering challenges. We knew Qashqai needed to be electrified, so we opted to develop two innovative powertrain options, which will combine efficiency and responsive performance,” said David Moss, Senior Vice President, Region Research & Development, Nissan Technical Centre Europe.







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