EU Update; No Mandatory Insurance For E-Bikes, Portable Proof of NCD

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The European Parliament has reached an agreement with the Council on a revised Motor Insurance Directive (MID), which is the law governing all vehicle insurance in Europe. The EU directive will bring new rules to help motorsports, an exclusion of e-bikes from insurance requirements and a common EU claims history statement.

Protecting motorsports in Europe and supporting the uptake of e-bikes

The European Parliament answered citizens’ requests for clearer and more defined rules, which now will exclude e-bikes from insurance and that motorsports will be subject to an alternative regime. Motor insurance is often hard to acquire for racers and when possible, very expensive. This risked ending motorsports in Europe as we know it today.

“I am glad we were able to find a way to save Motor Sports in Europe. Spectators and bystanders will still be protected in the case of a crash, but the insurance costs should not prevent motorsport events happening or new people joining motorsport activities. This is a great day for racers and fans everywhere in Europe” declared Renew Europe MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, Dita Charanzová (ANO, CZ), who was the EP rapporteur on this file.

Cheaper insurance thanks to a common EU claims history statement

Another new creation will be a common EU form for claims history statements, which should allow people to move across border easier and still get the same levels of premium discounts as anyone else in their new Member State.

“For too long, if you moved to a different Member State, it was like you were an 18 year old again and had no driving history. Hopefully this will be a first step to end this discrimination.” concluded Charanzová

The move will of particular interest to drivers and riders in Ireland who have been complaining for decades that after working in the UK or elsewhere for a few years they effectively have to start all over again with car insurance NCD. A portable NCD passport might be of more use to most citizens in the UK and the EU than a vaccine passport perhaps.

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