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e-bot7, one of the leading providers of Conversational AI, is listed amongst the world’s most innovative solution providers developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to solve challenges or improve financial services’ efficiency AIFinTech100 list.

The use of AI and data analytics has grown tremendously over the last few years as financial institutions move towards digital operations and look to unlock new revenue growth opportunities, minimise operating expenses, and automate manually intensive processes. Given the huge increase in demand for artificial intelligence technologies in the sector, the AIFinTech100 was set up to identify the 100 most innovative companies developing AI applications in financial services that every financial institution needs to know about as they develop their digital transformation strategies.

The unique advantage e-bot7 offers

Being stuck for minutes or even hours in a waiting loop to contact the bank regarding a transfer or change the address for your bank account is not only time consuming but can also be a dealbreaker for clients. Consumers can often wait for hours on a hotline or even days to get an answer to a simple query via email. e-bot7’s hybrid Agent+AI solution can answer general questions about account models or transfer orders, and, if integrated onto the CRM, also individual questions about standing orders or account statements. The more questions the chatbot is asked, the more it trains itself. If a customer’s question is passed onto a service agent, the bot learns the question and the response. Simultaneously, the service agent can gather more insights concerning customer requests. Thus, the Conversational AI benefits both the customer and the service agent, which enables efficiency.

In these volatile times, many would prefer to handle their customer service inquiries online. Thus there is no need to visit a bank branch to speak to a service agent physically, nor is there a need to wait on hold for an extended period when chatbots are available. e-bot7 offers a solution that eases the customer service journey by handling requests around the clock and a reliable, fast response rate. The way of communication is rapidly changing, and it is vital to keep up with customer expectations. e-bot7’s solution empowers customers by providing a personalised experience while enhancing Conversational AI technology through digitisation.

A complete list of the AIFinTech100 can be found at www.AIFinTech100.com. More detailed information about e-bot7 is available to download for free on their website.

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