Over 700,000 Untaxed Vehicles on UK Roads, Says Govt

Latest government stats suggest that about 719,000 vehicles are using the roads without paying VED tax. In total there are about 39 million vehicles on UK roads, so that means roughly one in 40 vans or cars are on the road and not paying the VED duty that’s due. There’s also a good chance they haven’t bothered with insurance or an MoT either.

RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said:

“It’s hugely concerning that we’re seeing ever greater numbers of unlicensed vehicles on the roads with the total number now standing at nearly three-quarters of a million. While we’d like to think the abolition of the paper tax disc back in 2014 isn’t responsible, the fact remains evasion has increased significantly since then to the point where a shocking two in every 100 vehicles on the road aren’t taxed. The cost from VED evasion in 2021 alone is set to be a whopping £119m, a substantial sum that should be spent on improving our road network.

“We urge the DVLA to step up enforcement and to do all it can to bring evasion down, as it is clearly not fair on those who do pay their fair share to drive on the road.”

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