Insurers Advice to Policyholders; Prep For Storm Eunice

Insurance brands are reaching out to UK customers as Storm Eunice approaches, with the possibility of property & vehicle damage, plus the general risk to life. Strong winds and heavy rains are expected, plus a storm surge in the Bristol Channel.


Anthony Doyle, property technical claims manager at Allianz Commercial, said:

“Allianz Commercial has been contacting brokers in the areas predicted to be most affected by storms Dudley and Eunice, encouraging them to share advice with customers. It has also been posting practical tips on social media on how businesses can keep their employees safe and protect their premises. Extremely strong winds are expected in England and Wales on Friday, with a red warning in the South West, so even things that seem simple can help keep your property safe, for example bringing outdoor furniture and equipment inside. Allianz’s surge team is ready to assist customers.”


LV are emailing policyholders with some useful tips and advice, plus there’s a pop-up on their website reminding homeowners that fences and gates are NOT covered for storm damage.

There is a potential risk of flooding.


The ABI has some good advice on securing garden furniture, ladders etc

As Storm Eunice approaches, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is urging homeowners and businesses to be prepared and reassures that insurers will do everything they can to help customers recover as quickly as possible, should they suffer storm damage. Home insurance, commercial business policies, and comprehensive motor insurance all cover damage caused by storms.

Laura Hughes, Manager, General Insurance, the Association of British Insurers said:

Insurers expect storms to strike at any time. When bad weather hits, their priority is always to help their affected customers recover as quickly as possible – from making emergency payments, arranging any temporary emergency accommodation to getting the damage repaired. If you suffer damage to your property, contact your insurer as soon as you can for help and advice.”

The ABI advises people to:

  • Keep a close eye on weather warnings, and follow advice from The Met Office, The Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Department for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland.
  • Where possible, store items left in gardens that can easily be blown away and cause damage, like ladders,  inside, or ensure they are secure.
  • Have contact details of your home insurer to hand, along with other emergency contact numbers for your utility providers and the local authority.


If you park on, or near an area known for flooding, then it’s worth parking elsewhere overnight, says H&H;

If you have a car, try and move it away from where flooding is expected
* If you are in a flood risk area try to move valuable or essential items upstairs or to a high place
* Keep a mobile phone with you
* Check if it is safe to use electricity, gas and water supplies


Over in Northern Ireland NFU Mutual have been proactive, telling local media that teams are ready to assist policyholders;

Martin Malone from NFU told ITN that knowledgeable local agents stood well prepared to assist:

He said: “We have mobilised our emergency response units in preparation for this storm. As the UK’s main insurer of farming and the countryside, we have a network of 58 Agents across Northern Ireland with staff who know which properties and areas are most at risk.”

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