Stargazing? No, There’s Insurance Data in The Other Milky Way

Zelros, a pioneer in InsurTech providing insurers personalized product recommendations across channels, announces the availability of their Milky Way product release. Personal line insurers can now easily leverage actionable insights to create fair product recommendations, assess risks and prevention loss and proactively protect customers. Its platform accelerates decision-making for executives and marketers with intelligent customer engagement and insights, while enabling data science teams to leverage the AI models to drive faster innovations. New Key Benefits Include:Accelerate opportunities with intelligent customer engagement insights

A new level of customer engagement insights is available to inform and prioritize audience segmentation and marketing campaign strategy. This allows for a more agile approach to accelerate opportunities for client acquisition and cross-sell with meaningful and timely campaigns driving 3X more engagement.   Faster executive decision-making using a new generation of analytics reporting

Zelros’ unique customer insights are now directly reported through existing enterprise BI solutions such as Tableau, PowerBI, Dataiku. It enables executives with a new level of business performance intelligence unreachable so far, that is actionable and purpose-built for insurance.Easy access to Zelros low-code platform gives 20x faster innovation

Insurance innovation teams and data scientists now have easy access to Zelros’ low-code platform to leverage and connect the AI models to create insurance innovations 20x faster than before.Christophe Bourguignat, CEO and Co-Founder of Zelros stated, “The insurance industry is in the middle of a customer experience transformation. The Zelros Milky Way product release offers a new and easy way to transform their business from serving as a provider to becoming a life partner advisor. This release offers a powerful and targeted way to engage with customers proactively as they progress through their life events and their risk category changes. Customers will get the coverage they need to feel protected and secure in life.”“Digitally empowered customers are seeking better, personalized experiences, but product-oriented strategies handicap most insurers….” said Jeffery Williams, Senior Analyst, Forrester  “Insurers of tomorrow will provide customers with personalized assessment of risk and advice on risk. ”The Milky Way release helps insurers:

  • Better understand the existing customer engagement to drive customized campaign strategies that accelerate sales
  • Boosting agent effectiveness with a guided experience throughout their customer journey
  • Provide smarter enterprise reporting with actionable AI-driven insights for faster decision-making
  • Access a low-code platform that speeds up time-to-value for innovation labs, and technical and business users
  • Adhere to Responsible AI programs for fair and explainable AI-driven recommendations and risks
Learn more about  Zelros and their insurance targeted solutions at
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