Lloyds Bank Survey Reveals 56% of Drivers Not Keen on EVs

A recent Lloyds Bank survey of about 2000 people found that over half of UK drivers remain sceptical about electric vehicles and don’t plan on buying one anytime soon. Here’s the word;

From 2030 drivers in Britain will no longer be able to buy a brand new petrol or diesel vehicle, but new research shows that the majority are not yet ready to make the move to electric – and that over half (52%) of non-EV drivers intend to stick with petrol or diesel for as long as they possibly can.

The survey results suggest that demand for pre-owned petrol and diesel cars will increase as the 2020s progress, meaning that values for clean, well maintained secondhand cars are likely to rise.

Although Lloyds Bank, and many other globalist organisations, attempt to persuade drivers that everything is peachy regarding electric cars, the fact is many homes in the UK have no charging points, because they have no driveways. Furthermore, many people are aware that the battery packs are useless after 7-9 years, which means owning an electric or hybrid means big depreciation, as well as a high entry cost if you buy new.

Then there’s the slavery, rare earth mining and 1000s of product miles associated with every battery pack, which makes a total mockery of any ESG regulation, ethical consumerism or any greater benefit to planet earth. Read about the lithium and cobalt mine child slavery reported by the Guardian here.

You can read the Lloyds Bank promo for EVs here if you fancy it.

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