Bikers, Do You Want Cheaper Insurance? Quotezone Has Answers

It’s finally the start of the motorcycle season, as May brings some warmer weather after a chilly April, plus events like shows, TT races and Bike Nights all provide some great reasons to ride. Bikers could drastically lower their premiums with a few simple steps, says a leading motorbike insurance comparison website after analysing over 40,000 quotes.

The research by reveals that secure parking has the potential to make a huge difference, with bikers storing their rides overnight in locked garages benefiting from average premiums of just £320 annually, compared to £466 using driveways and £500 for motorbikes parked on the road.

It should not be a big surprise that keeping a clean licence has a big effect, with bikers who avoid convictions paying an average of just £353, compared to £554 for those that have points on their licences. It might also be wise to avoid vehicle modifications as they can add nearly £200 annually to premiums, with non-modified bikes coming in at an average of £365 compared to £554 for modified rides. Older bikers enjoy some of the lowest premiums – £163 – while those setting out with provisional licences pay on average £658.


However, the factor that often most affects insurance quotes is the driver’s No Claims Bonus (NCB).  Bikers that have more than 7 years NCB average premiums of £147 compared to £507 for those with zero NCB. But all is not lost as bikers that avoid claims, going forward for one to three years without a claim cuts costs by halve to £258 on average.

Greg Wilson, a motorbike enthusiast and Founder of motorbike insurance comparison site, says that insurance firms calculate premiums individually and consider a wide variety of other factors as well, such as mileage, postcode – plus the power and value of the bike itself.

He comments: “Many bikers will be feeling the pinch, with fuel prices and the cost of living accelerating, but there are ways to make motorbike cover more affordable – especially since demand for motorbike insurance jumped 29% across the pandemic and those new to the world of biking will be keen to make savings.

125cc commuters can be fun, plus squeeze up to 100mpg from one expensive gallon of Unleaded.

“While building up no-claims can be out of the biker’s hands, there are measures such as secure overnight parking and avoiding modifications that can help save hundreds in the long-run.  It’s also worth checking that the usage of the bike is down accurately on the quote form when comparing providers, high-use and commercial categories usually incur higher premiums so if the rider only uses the bike socially, make sure that’s stated, or they could be overpaying.

“It’s also worth noting that some extras might need to be added to a standard motorbike insurance policy such as pillion passenger cover – if someone else intends to ride on the back of the bike, it’s not always included as standard.” helps around 3 million users every year, with over 400 insurance brands across 60 different products.

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