New Dispute Resolution Platform Speeds PI Settlements

Nuvalaw and joint venture partner Trust Arbitration announce that following successful trials and Admiral’s selection of their platform and service, leading law firms Minster Law, Lyons Davidson, NewLaw, and Admiral Law have gone live on the Nuvalaw claims resolution platform.

This rapid expansion of the Nuvalaw ecosystem is designed to unblock the system and accelerate the swift, cost-effective, and quality-assured online Alternative Dispute Resolution for personal injury (PI) claims using Nuvalaw’s LegalTech cloud-based platform and Trust Arbitration’s leading arbitrators.

This is a win-win-win scenario for insurers, claimants and the law firms, in accelerating the resolution of PI claims, which currently face lengthy court delays. Unresolved claims on both the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Claims Portal and the Official Injury Claim portal represent a major issue for insurers, claimant lawyers, and claimants, with the average court waiting period increasing from 40 weeks to 62 weeks due to Covid-19.

Willie Pienaar, Nuvalaw’s Chief Executive, said: “It is great to see all aspects of the process fall into place, following our Admiral win, as we welcome these law firms onto our platform. Working together, we will reduce claims resolution times down from over a year through the courts to just a few days online.” Tim Wallis, Director of Trust Arbitration, said: “We are delighted to work with these progressive law firms and insurers to improve the customer experience and accelerate claims settlement while significantly reducing costs. Feedback shows that users are highly satisfied with our specialist arbitrators’ independent awards.”

Matt Currie, Chief Legal Officer of Minster Law, said:

“We have long subscribed to the approach of consensus rather than conflict as the route to resolving disputes in personal injury claims. The reality is that customers don’t want a legal battle, they just want a fair and timely resolution to their claim. We’re delighted to be able to build on our earlier, ground-breaking ADR pilot with Nuvalaw to now create, what we hope will become, the industry blueprint for removing delays and frictional cost for the claims process, whilst delivering better outcomes for customers.”

Mark Savill, Managing Director of Lyons Davidson, said;

“We are delighted to be working with Nuvalaw and Trust Arbitration and the range of insurers that have signed up to their service. We see ADR as a key tool in the claims process, particularly with the current backlog in the courts, and we are confident that the relationship with Nuvalaw will help move this strategy forward.”

Karl Ford, Operations Director of NewLaw, said:

“Words that come to mind when I think of Nuvalaw and Trust Arbitration are: efficiency, quality, transparency, and ease-of-use. Together they have the ability to drive positive change in our industry.” Hannah Pinches, Head of Admiral Law, said: “The Nuvalaw Platform has allowed Admiral Law to better collaborate with insurers where we have been unable to reach agreement through negotiation, and expedite our clients’ claims towards settlement. Given the increasing pressures on the court systems and backlogs, we are very much committed to continuing engagement with insurers through this platform, to ensure that our clients’ claims are brought to a fair resolution as quickly as possible.”

Trust Arbitration’s arbitration service and Nuvalaw’s platform, which works seamlessly with the MoJ’s Claims Portal and Official Injury Claim portal, demonstrates that quality-assured ADR can deliver justice quickly with binding settlements, leaving courts free to focus on more complex issues.

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