Hippo Launches Home Care Ad Campaign

Hippo (NYSE: HIPO), the home insurance group focused on proactive home protection, today unveiled the new Hippo Home Care mobile experience for Hippo customers, and a new ad campaign to help homeowners ‘Feel the Housepower.’ A recent Hippo survey found 87% of homeowners experience anxiety and dread about home maintenance and worry about what could go wrong next. These same homeowners are looking for an offering that instills confidence and helps them proactively protect their homes.

Hippo Home Care is a complimentary experience designed to combat that anxiety and empower homeowners with a host of features that includes a Home Health Assessment, a detailed Home Check-up with a Hippo Home Care expert, a personalized checklist of preventive maintenance tasks and ongoing access to Hippo Home Care pros for advice on how to address issues.

Hippo Home Care experts help to quickly identify specific issues and advise homeowners how to take action before they turn into bigger problems. As homeowners complete actions on their personalized list, such as inspecting their water heater or replacing an air filter, their Home Health indicator visually improves in the app.

“Homeowners know preventative home maintenance is critical, but many don’t know where to begin,” said Rick McCathron, CEO and President of Hippo. “Hippo Home Care takes us well beyond offering insurance. This first-of-its-kind mobile experience proactively arms homeowners with the information and know-how to confidently protect their homes.”


The new brand campaign taps into that new-found confidence, depicting the importance of getting ahead of small issues to help prevent huge headaches. The first 60-second spot, titled ‘Feel the Housepower’, differentiates Hippo in a category dominated by spokes-animals and slapstick humor, highlighting the feeling of ‘Housepower’ — the confidence and control consumers need to stand up to whatever homeownership throws at them.

Three additional 30-second spots, titled ‘For the Owners’, contrasts the stagnant, centuries-old model that encourages “owners” to wait until things break to fix them with “Owners” who want to take control using Hippo’s proactive products and services to feel the Housepower.

“Our new brand campaign brings to life how we empower our customers with Housepower, evoking the confidence and control our customers feel when Hippo has their back,” said Simon Fleming-Wood, Chief Marketing Officer of Hippo. “As a protection-first company, we are betting on our customers rather than against them, constantly searching for new ways to help consumers crush homeownership.”

See the YT ad here;

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