New Beagle Street Campaign Pulls at Heartstrings

Life insurance specialist, Beagle Street is taking to UK TV screens with a new direct response advert. The new campaign is a sharp contrast to a previous Beagle Street TV ad campaign, where a slightly menacing guy informed people how cheap insurance cover is, whilst clutching a puppy.

Within the new 2022 advert, the family’s pet Beagle plays a critical role in representing a loyal and trusted friend, which plays perfectly for many British consumers. The advert highlights key product benefits including fixed premiums, loved ones email service, bereavement trained claims teams, as well as explaining in plain English what customer policies cover.

It’s also a mini soap opera, complete with an emotional rollercoaster that captures the highs and lows of family life.

Beagle Street worked alongside Vega on a strategic review of its communications strategy and customer proposition, which uncovered important new insights into how people feel about life insurance. The teams then used this insight to inspire the new advertisement. Following the creative process with Vega, Beagle Street also collaborated with Space City to frame the new advertisement, which sees an emotionally charged 60-second advert conveying a deep understanding of Beagle Street’s customer and their family during their hour of need.

The TV ad encourages direct response via the simple, memorable phone number 0800 247 247, while the web version encourages users to click straight through to for an immediate quote.

Beth Tait, Marketing Director at Beagle Street, commented on the insight behind the advert:

“Barriers of cost and speed are well understood across the life insurance market and Beagle Street has historically delivered against these within its brand creative. However, we also now understand that trust in the outcome of a claim, along with fear of the complexity of the process are additional barriers for consumers and so we wanted to directly address this within our new ad.

“Our industry sometimes forgets that plain English, alongside explanations of well-understood industry terms, are essential for communicating successfully with customers.” The TV campaign has been planned by Medialab and will launch at 9am on Monday 5 September, featuring alongside programmes such as Jeremy Vine and Steph’s Packed Lunch.

To view the TV advertisement click here.

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