How to Take Out an Online Cryptocurrency Loan and How Easy is it?

A crypto loan is a form of secured loan whereby the crypto holdings of a user are used as collateral in exchange for interest from a lender that later allows you to pay back in installments. Your crypto is returned after your payments are fully settled and the loan is paid back fully. Crypto lending platforms like act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders while decentralized and centralized markets are available. There are different types of crypto loans;

A. Collateralized Crypto Loans

These are the most common and frequently used types of loans. This is offered to customers who use cryptocurrency to be used as collateral for loans. Borrowers have the option of accessing up to a particular percentage of the deposited collateral. The likelihood that the loan will be authorized and the likelihood that the interest rate will be reduced increase with the LTV ratio.

B. Uncollateralized Crypto Loans

In contrast to collateralized loans; they are not so common and function more like personal loans. Here crypto loan platforms provide an application loan form to be filled out to pass the identity verification and approved creditworthiness review to be approved. However, these uncollateralized loans have a higher risk of loss for lenders, due to a lack of collateral to liquidate the ongoing loan default.

C. Flash Loans

These are instant loans that can be borrowed and paid back in the same transaction. Flash loans do not also require any collateral before accessing the loans. The one process of the transaction means that the lending process will be reversed if the funds are not returned within that same transaction. This process keeps the loan safe and helps to reduce risk from lenders. As the name implies, the whole process is called quickly.

With a flash loan, you cannot borrow money, use it for a while then decide to return it when you please. Once you get the flash loan; you must execute the transactions immediately using smart contracts and return the money before the single block transaction ends. Flash loans follow a crypto line of credit. This refers to a method of loan collection where users are allowed to borrow up to a particular percentage of their deposited collateral. With this, there are no set repayment terms, and users are only charged interest on funds withdrawn.

How does the crypto loan work?

The process of a crypto loan takes place solely between a borrower and a lender. Both come with their benefits. The borrower receives an immediate loan upon request in return for their crypto assets and can use this loan to make more money to pay back. Just like the way a mortgage loan works; this is also similar to a crypto loan.

You give hold of your crypto assets to get the loan and repay it over a predetermined time. These loans can be accessed through a crypto exchange or crypto lending platform. In the case of crypto loans, borrowers are still in charge of their crypto assets but they are restrained by the platforms from making the assets to perform any means of transactions.

The length of a loan might range from seven days to one year or longer. Rates start at a range of 0%-13.9% with a lender like Nexo, which is cheap compared to personal loans and credit cards. Many sites currently provide crypto loan programs that are open to both borrowers and lenders.

The terms of Bitcoin lending programs are similar to those of traditional loan programs in that they vary from site to site, with some giving more favorable terms than others.

How to take a Crypto loan online?

You need to possess one of the accepted cryptocurrencies to apply for a crypto loan. Find out which coins are accepted by your lender. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies that can be borrowed but Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be the most common ones. However, note that not all crypto loan sites provide every crypto coin, some are limited while some give options of more.

Find the most suitable lender for you by doing more research on reliable lenders. Please carefully review the qualifying requirements and terms & conditions since each lender has a unique application process. In addition to this, ensure whichever site that is chosen functions in whatever country or state you find yourself. In some cases, some exchange platforms are not verified according to the laws of some countries.

Open an account with the lender of your choice to start the application process.

Complete the account opening process, including confirming your identification and cryptocurrency holdings. To begin the loan application process, most lender sites might ask you to open a wallet with your collateral on their website. This is used as a form of collateral while applying for loans. The automated know-your-customer verification process, which just takes a few minutes, will be required of borrowers. The loan approval process just takes a few seconds once you have finished the verification process and deposited the necessary collateral.

Credit checks are not necessary when applying for loans from cryptocurrency lenders.

You can then choose the type of loan you want based on the LTV i.e loan amount, and the repayment period that you are comfortable with. The majority of lenders feature calculators to determine your borrowing capacity and the amount of collateral needed to secure your loan.

Afterward, submit your request with the required data to finish your loan application. Fast turnaround times have been a hallmark of cryptocurrency lenders. A lender like Nexo can fill your account within 24 hours and approve in a matter of seconds while some exchange platforms take longer hours.

Platforms for crypto loans can be classified as either centralized or decentralized. We will discuss the variations afterward. By connecting lenders and borrowers, cryptocurrency lending services streamline the financing process.

Factors to consider before choosing a crypto loan platform

There are many factors to take into account while choosing a platform, including free cost, duration of the loan, cryptocurrencies loaned, interest rates, cost of collateral required, maximum and minimum account, digital coins accepted, and also the review of the platform. provides adequate information about the different options crypto exchange platforms possess.

For example, YouHodler gives borrowers the option of reopening their loans if they are unable to pay them off in full. If a loan is about to expire, borrowers may reopen it under the same conditions as the initial loan for a modest charge. The “Close Now” option allows borrowers to pay off the remaining amount of a loan using their collateral and receive the remaining funds back. A service charge is also included in this choice.

Another platform is BlockFi. BlockFi’s minimum loan amount is $10,000. They will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and PAXG as collateral for loans. The value of your collateral and the LTV you secure determine the loan amount and the interest rate. Loans from BlockFi are available at three distinct LTVs, each with a unique interest rate.

Is my Crypto Safe During My Loan?

Yes, your cryptocurrency remains secure throughout your loan with many of our loan providers. Your cryptocurrency is safe since it is kept in a cold wallet, is insured, and cannot be traded.

We are well aware that our borrowers want to feel secure knowing their cryptocurrency will be protected during their loan. We, therefore, ensure its security and safety.

How much crypto do I need to secure a loan?

Depending on how much you borrow, you may be required to put up a certain amount of cryptocurrency as collateral. Up to 70% of the security you offer can be borrowed. The “Loan-to-Value Ratio” refers to the proportion between the amount you borrow and the quantity of cryptocurrency you offer as security.

What happens if I cannot pay back my loan on the due date?

If you are unable to repay your loan at the end of the term:

You can apply to extend your loan’s term. In that case, you would be responsible for paying interest on the new loan, or the lender may sell your cryptocurrency to recoup your loan.

Do I need to pay interest monthly?

There are not any recurring payments. You make a one-time interest payment at the beginning of the loan rather than making regular monthly installments. Your interest payment is deducted from your loan before it is sent into your account and is included in the loan amount.

Is crypto loan easy?

In contrast to regular loans, getting a crypto loan is relatively simple. Depending on the amount of collateral you can provide, you will receive a loan amount. The loan-to-value ratio considers both the loan amount and the value of the collateral.


However, it’s crucial to understand the hazards before you get involved in either side of crypto lending, particularly what can happen if the value of your cryptocurrency declines quickly and drastically. If you’re thinking about crypto loans in any way, make sure you weigh the advantages and disadvantages as well as all your other possibilities before you decide.

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