UK Trends: Concierge Health Insurance Set To Grow

You can argue all day about the problems inherent within the NHS, but the fact remains that demand for private healthcare, especially when an emergency situation develops, is set to grow as an insurance product. It’s inevitable that the better off will opt out of the NHS rationing system, as far as possible, in the near future – especially in London. Here’s the word from HCA who are upping their game in the Capital;

Private healthcare provider HCA Healthcare UK (HCA UK) has streamlined its services across four of its London hospitals, to launch a rapid 24/7 Acute Admissions Service for patients who require urgent, acute and complex unplanned care. With quick admission times, private ambulance transfers, and access to London’s largest private ICU network, the quality and capacity of the Service is unmatched in London.

Building on its established acute care offering, HCA UK’s 24/7 newly streamlined Acute Admissions Service has been designed to provide swift, streamlined treatment pathways for patients with acute conditions, such as:

  • Respiratory conditions – including pneumonia and chronic obstructive, pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Neurological conditions – including acute confusion, worsening dementia and seizures.
  • Cardiac conditions – including heart failure, arrhythmias, blood clots, pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Patient admissions following post operative medical complications.
  • GI, Liver & HPB conditions – including acute biliary problems, acute appendicitis and intestinal obstruction.

Running 365 days a year, the Service manages the entire acute admissions referral process for GPs and Consultants from across the UK, providing care for patients across four of its state-of-the-art hospitals in London: The Wellington Hospital, The Lister Hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital, and London Bridge Hospital.

At a time of increased pressure on acute services, HCA UK have the capacity to support admissions from both private and NHS referrers seeking care for their patients. Patients must be over the age of 18, and can access the Service through Private Medical Insurance (PMI) or self-pay.


One call to HCA UK’s dedicated Concierge Centre – London’s first, and only, medical concierge CQC-registered clinician-led service – is all it takes. From paperwork to transport, the Concierge team manage the entire admissions process for referrers, where patients can be admitted within a two-hour timeframe*. The Concierge team will also keep referrers fully informed of their patient’s treatment and progress.

To further enhance this offering, HCA UK has introduced a new private ambulance service. Managed by the Concierge team, these 24/7 ambulance transfers will collect patients from their home, GP practice, or from an NHS or private hospital, and transport them to one of HCA UK’s hospitals, which are conveniently located across the capital to give patients quick access to acute care.

Across this hospital network, HCA UK have an on-call rota of Consultant Physicians delivering on-site rapid patient assessment supported by comprehensive medical cover in key specialities through their 24/7 consultant on-call rota. Patients who are admitted through HCA’s Acute Admissions Service will be triaged by a Consultant Physician as soon as they arrive.

Each hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities, with direct access to the full range of diagnostic tools and imaging. If critical care is needed, together they house 125 ICU beds** – more than any other private provider in London.


Neil Buckley, HCA UK’s VP of Physician Services Group, says: “We are incredibly proud to be providing this much needed service across four of HCA UK’s state-of-the-art London hospitals. The 24/7 co-ordination from our medical Concierge Centre team and personalised patient care provided by our consultants, doctors and nurses, coupled with the launch of our new private ambulance transfer service, will ensure that patients with acute conditions receive the quick, quality care that they require. No other private provider has an acute admissions service on this scale, it’s truly unparalleled.”

In 2022, HCA UK admitted over 1,200 patients from over 800 referrers. With it’s new, enhanced Acute Admissions Service, the private provider hopes to continue to support admissions from both private and NHS referrers into 2023 and beyond.

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