Fleet: Managing Driver Behaviour is Key

Fleet insurance is often about telematics and rewarding smooth driving habits. In-cab driver coaching technology and rewards platform, Lightfoot, has launched a suite of in-cab camera solutions that deliver an all-in-one driver safety package, enhancing the positive impact of driver engagement through its market-leading telematics technology.

Utilising AI and machine vision, the intelligent video telematics system alerts drivers to behaviours that could lead to an accident – such as failure to wear a seatbelt, use of a mobile phone, eating and drinking while driving, or smoking/vaping on the go – allowing them to self-correct to prevent possible incidents. This not only keeps drivers safe, but also helps fleets avoid the unexpected expenses of vehicle repairs and the associated downtime.

Ranging from basic road-facing cameras to advanced driver-facing dash cams, Lightfoot Vision can also be used to capture instances of harsh driving and cornering, speeding, idling, and events where drivers receive a Lightfoot penalty, with footage available to view through the Lightfoot portal.


In situations where an incident has occurred, Lightfoot Vision provides undeniable video evidence, building a picture of events leading up to and during a collision. This helps to not only support and protect drivers out on the road, but also to resolve legitimate disputes quickly, reducing the number of disputed claims experienced by fleets and preventing insurance fraud, while minimising expensive third-party liability investigations which can lead to hikes in premiums.

Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, commented: “This is something that we’ve been working on for a while, as our customers have been calling for dashcams to become a central part of the Lightfoot fleet management system. The introduction of Lightfoot Vision’s in-cab camera suite takes our ability to positively influence driver behaviour for the better to an entirely new level. It enables fleets to operate in a safe, efficient, and socially responsible way, where driver self-management, aided by nudge technology through our in-cab telematics devices, instantly and sustainably improves driving behaviour – removing the need for costly training and time-consuming data analysis at the same time as improving customer service.

To find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet for the better, visit www.lightfoot.co.uk

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