Allianz Partners With QEV on Electric Jeepney Project

Busy commuters and shoppers got a surprise in Paris this week. A fully electric Jeepney has been cruising the streets of the French capital. It’s the outcome of the collaboration between the global financial services company Allianz and the electro-mobility innovator QEV.
Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in Manila. Known for crowded seating and colorful decorations, Jeepneys have become an ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture. They are used by 65% of the Philippine population, making them a key pollutant in the region. The unique partnership between Allianz and QEV – that addresses the chicken and egg problem of electro-mobility – is turning these iconic vehicles fully green.
This partnership is the latest example of how Allianz is leading the insurance industry into a new economy. Further details of the project and the further plans of bringing electro-mobility to the world will be revealed in Paris. Comment:
It would be wonderful to see the vast fleets of antique diesel buses and coaches currently being used across the UK replaced by smaller, cleaner electric variants within the next three years.
In 2015 a group of school children were poisoned by the fumes leaking inside an 18 year old bus, as its engine ran. In 2017 the SMMT motor manufacturers association pointed out that 75% of NOx pollution in London could be eliminated if London’s bus fleets were updated.
It is truly bizarre that coaches over 25 years old are being used daily to transport people around the UK when politicians compete with each other to lambast diesel vehicles at every TV opportunity. If you want to clean the air on our streets with a stroke of a pen then ban buses over ten years old from operating at peak hours.
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