Almost Half of Young Driver Insurance Write-Offs Occur Near Home Address

New research has revealed that the younger generation aren’t just a risk on unfamiliar roads – they are also just as likely to have an accident on the road they live on.

Figures compiled by have alarmingly stated that an incredible 44 per cent of 18-34 year olds have written their car off on the street they actually reside at! The news will not go down well with parents who already have a fear of their young ones on unfamiliar roads.

The younger generations are already the most prone to write-offs in the UK with 18-34 year olds twice as likely to have their car written off than drivers aged 55 and over. And the statistics are even less appealing for parents who have a son as men are twice more likely to be at fault for a collision with another car than their female counterparts.

Men aged under 25 are almost twice (82 per cent) as likely to have a car written off than any other age group, with one in 45 young male drivers having written a car off.

With around 32 million cars on the UK’s roads almost 384,000 vehicles were written off last year, amounting to over 1,000 every day – or an incredible one every 90 seconds.

Across all age groups, the data shows that men are more likely to be involved in an accident leaving their car beyond repair, with men accounting for 57 per cent of write-offs every year and women being involved in 42 per cent of incidents., a UK company that deal with thousands of written off cars daily, said research shows that a combination of youth and inexperience puts younger drivers at very high risk.

“Their inexperience means they have less ability to judge hazard situations, and their young age means they are particularly likely to take on a potentially risky situation. Crash risk statistically reduces over time with age and experience. It’s shocking to see how many of the younger generation call us having written off their cars.”

An estimated 34,000 insurance claims were made during 2017 on newer vehicles with the average claim value standing at just under £10,000 for all age groups.

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