Broker Update: Stories Via Social Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool

Selling insurance isn’t easy because shopping around, filling in forms and getting cover for your car, home or life isn’t as exciting as buying something shiny and cool, or even ordering your fave spicy pizza via Just Eat. But insurance is ultimately all about putting lives back on track, saving money and protecting what you’ve worked for – so the more you can spread that messaage on social media, the better.

Croydon based Coversure has been using LinkedIn to promote the good news aspects of insurance and it’s well worth doing this, as there can be so many negative stories published in the mainstream media.

Here’s how Rajan Amin put the word out on LI using the This Week We Helped theme;

“This week we helped… an inherited client at renewal with their Office Insurance (IT Support Services).  At pre-renewal we highlighted they had no cover for business items away from their office and their Business Interruption (BI) cover was for 12 months only.  After discussing both these important covers the client added £7,000 of items (laptops & testing equipment) away from the office and increased the BI to 24 months.

coversure croydon office equipment computer insurance

We also confirmed they did not need liability cover for manual work (cable networking etc) as they sub-contracted this work.  Meeting the client soon to put a face to a name as we do with most of our new clients.

Top Tip: Ensure you discuss the cover at every renewal with your insurer/broker.  Ask questions of what is and what is not covered on the policy schedule and if you need it.  Things change and somethings the obvious are overlooked.

When did you last review your insurance policy?  If your insurance renewal is coming up give us a call on 0203 489 0938 or email love to help you.

There you go, a perfect example of how a real world case study can highlight the benefits of dealing with a broker, especially one with experience in a particular niche or sector. If your brokerage or MGA is doing the biz on LI, FB or that Twitter thing, let us know and we will spread the word.

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