FNOL: Alternators Biggest Cause of Breakdowns in 2020

Alternators were the car part to fail the most in 2020, according to exclusive data from car dealer warranty provider Händler Protect. The warranty firm works directly with independent car dealers to provide warranties for them and their customers, and they authorised more alternator repairs than any other car part this year. This year was unique in that millions of cars stayed parked, thus increasing the chances of battery and alternator failure.

Next on the list of most commonly failed parts were injectors followed by water pumps and air flow sensors. Providing warranties to dealers across the UK has given Händler Protect a clear picture of what items are failing more than any other. For alternators, the average vehicle mileage when they failed was 99,931 miles while the average age of the car was just over nine years old.

Top 10 most failed car parts in 2020

  1. Alternator
  2. Injectors
  3. Water pump
  4. Air flow sensor
  5. Turbocharger
  6. Engine
  7. Thermostat and Housing
  8. Calliper
  9. Starter Motor
  10. EGR Valve

(Source: Händler Protect 2020 claims)

The range of items to feature on the list was broad, with both electrical and mechanical items included, while vital starting systems and braking systems also appeared.

Lloyd O’Connor, chief executive of Händler Protect, said: “This list of the most claimed for items we’ve seen in 2020 proves the importance of having a good warranty in place from the beginning of a customer’s ownership with a provider you can rely on to pay out when you need it.

“All of these items would have caused major headaches for our dealers, had they not been able to contact us and organise a repair for their customer.”

After air flow sensors, turbocharger units and engines were the next most failed items. These were followed by thermostats and their housings, callipers, starter motors and EGR valves. The average age of the cars which needed parts were between seven and 10 years when they faced problems. Händler Protect only works directly with dealerships and provides a state-of-the-art Händler App to make it easier than ever to add and manage warranties. In the past 12 months, hundreds of new dealers have joined the firm – with a further 54 signing up in November alone.

O’Connor added: “We’re proud to have been able to support our dealers in all of these claims, keeping their customers happy and moving.”

For more information visit HändlerProtect.com or call 0800 088 7889.

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