Commercial: Noise Management Tech Can Help Insurers

Is noise awareness going to be the next big thing in property management? IE asks the question because we have noticed a few interesting trends. On April 5th, NoiseAware in the USA posted an update about their latest fundraising;

“NoiseAware, the leader in smart noise monitoring, announced it has raised $8 million in Series A funding led by S3 Ventures and Thayer Ventures. The investment positions the company, which has monitored over one million stays, to accelerate product innovation and market expansion.

New board members include Eric Engineer from S3 Ventures, the largest venture capital firm focused on Texas, and Jeff Jackson from Thayer Ventures, adding NoiseAware to its impressive portfolio of travel-focused companies. Stephanie Fuhrman, founder of Catalyst Innovation Lab and former Head of Innovation at Greystar, also joins the board.

With the funding, NoiseAware will build on its foundation in the short-term rental industry, fostering new partnerships, launching internationally, and leading the way in smart noise monitoring in the growing sector of multifamily communities.”


In short, the Staycation is here to stay, especially if globalists and climate change activists get their way in the future. Determined to restrict cheap travel, or simply eradicate it completely, activists will push politicians to keep their populations under surveillance and under control within their borders. Unless your trip is work related, then there will be green-inspired taxes and Covid rules seeking to prevent it. That will see a rise in holiday theme parks, motorhomes, caravanning and perhaps the revival of many dilapidated coastal resorts. Southend is a good example in the UK of a town that was something of a joke a decade ago, but is now seen as Hipsterville.

Fact is, anyone renting out a villa, apartment or house in a resort area can monitor the overall volume, at nay particular time of day or night, using the latest tech. For insurers and landlords alike, that can only be good news.


Swedish tech company Minut is specialising in noise monitors, which can help private landlords looking to rent out via Arbnb, or social housing trusts looking to manage a communal building/HMO.

There isn’t a camera in the Minut device, which looks kinda like a smoke detector, and it doesn’t actually listen to the conversations people are having. What it does is record a decibel level – so you know that the guy in apartment 23a has decided to do that We Will Rock You drum solo again.

The Minut devioce is also great for commercial property landlords because it monitors movement via motion sensors, so you get to know if someone is inside an empty shop or office unit very quickly.


Roomonitor are pioneering this tech in Barcelona, meanwhile Guesty have built a clever platform system that basically allows property owners to connect to a network of tech & gadget suppliers, who can do this monitoring stuff for you. Neat, as they say in Laguna Beach.



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