Digital Triage Can Transform The PI Claims Sector


Corporé, one of the UK’s largest rehabilitation and case management specialists, is making digital triage available to the personal injury market for the first time. The provider, as part of handl Group, has been scouring the market for the best cutting-edge technology available, and the digital physiotherapy triage software Phio Access is now a core part of their “people plus tech” approach.

Phio Access is the latest step in the journey towards digital provision of clinical rehab services, which has been rapidly accelerated by the pandemic, reducing the need for travel and face-to-face appointments. It delivers a more convenient triage experience with better penetration of injured parties and a quicker route into treatment.

The average cost for claimant physio is £450, but Corporé typically reduces this to £350, or £250 through their stratified model which takes a tailored approach to each case, with robust clinical governance and review preventing extended sessions.

“Phio Access is a fantastic development, and it’s great that we’re able to make it available to the personal injury market for the first time,” said Mark Stirrup, Managing Director of Corporé, which is bringing Phio Access into the market together with its sister company The Treatment Network (TTN).

“It enables us to reach people who otherwise might not engage with the rehab process, and then to get them targeted treatment more quickly and conveniently.

“So it’s a great enhancement to the customer journey, as well as a great advantage to businesses needing to adapt to the post-reform world, when the need to manage large numbers of cases as cost-effectively as possible will only increase.

“Feedback from patients, clinicians, and providers is that remote treatment works well for everyone involved, and it’s here to stay. We’re looking forward to rolling out more cutting edge digital services during 2021 and beyond.”

Phio Access has been developed by EQL, which like Corporé and TTN is part of the handl Group of businesses, working together to provide rehab and treatment services for the insurance, healthcare and legal sectors. It provides quick and easy access to a digital service, cutting out the wait between referral and treatment and boosting patient engagement, delivering an estimated 15% improvement in injured party penetration.

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How it works:

· Rather than using telephonic triage, patients click on a link and Phio Access then takes their information and analyses their specific needs based on more than 3,000 scenarios

· Phio identifies a recommended treatment option that is then confirmed by a Corporé health professional, which may be:

o no treatment required (as the injury will resolve itself without intervention)

o a course of self-managed exercises at home with telephone support from a physiotherapist,

o an appointment with a physiotherapist

o an escalation for cases where there are significant barriers to recovery

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