Google Query Data Offers Insurers A Few Clues on Risk

It’s often a good strategy in insurance to think like a thief. You can even meet these people and ask them how they carry out their crimes, they’re often delighted to tell you. It’s also good to know what people are searching for on Google, because you can develop the right products, and then match the Search query copy on your broker or insurer website. Doesn’t always work, SEO is more complex than that, but it can help. To provide help to motorists on this Google search question matter, Leasing Options have offered their expert advice on the six most Googled car theft questions.

1.What cars are targeted for catalytic converter theft?

This question gets on average 10,560 Google searches a year, making it the most googled car theft question. Catalytic converter theft has been happening for years but recently there’s been a spike in the UK. This is due to a higher proportion of hybrid cars on the road with cars such as the Honda Jazz, Honda Accord, Toyota Prius and Toyota Auris being named by the police as predominantly being targeted by thieves.

2. Does car insurance cover theft?

Astonishing that many people don’t know this – maybe insurers and brokers need to spell out exactly what is – and what is not -covered much more clearly online? Most comprehensive car insurance should generally cover theft as well as vandalism and damages. However, most likely, it will not cover stolen items from inside the car, such as a phone or purse, as comprehensive car insurance will only cover the components and features of a car that are permanent.

3. How to prevent keyless car theft?

There are a number of ways to help prevent keyless car theft, one of which is to install a ghost alarm system. A ghost alarm is the original aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser and it protects your car from key cloning, hacking and key theft.

The alarm allows you to make a sequence that must be entered before the car can be driven away. Like a pin code but instead of numbers the sequence would be made using the buttons on your steering wheel, door panels or centre console.

4. Does liability car insurance cover theft?

Hard to believe this is a common query in the UK as Liability cover is more of a USA thing. But hey. We typed in `Which are the most stolen cars in the UK’ and that was a big winner in terms results: all 67 million of them! Luxury cars like Range Rovers, Land Rovers, Audi, BMW, Porsche sports models – anything high value to the Russian mob basically.

It is unlikely that liability car insurance will cover theft, as the main purpose of this insurance is to protect against bodily injury and property damage resulting from an accident.

5. Is a car alarm an anti-theft device?

An anti-theft device is any device in a car that prevents the car from being stolen or damaged or aids in the recovery of a stolen car. A car alarm’s purpose is to deter would-be thieves from targeting your car by bringing outside attention to the car with its loud noise.

An alarm is OK, a steering lock is better. Best of all, if you own a valuable motor, fit a Tracker.

6. What is keyless car theft?

Keyless car theft is the way in which thieves steal cars without the original car keys or fob. They use specialist equipment to transfer your car keys signal from inside your house to a transmitter. The transmitter then tricks your car into thinking the real key is nearby and allows the thieves to open the car and drive away.

We hope this Q&A helps motorists who are worried about falling victim to car theft. You can read more about how to protect your car from theft and damage via our blog post on the topic here.

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