UK Govt Wants Insurer Opinions & Evidence on Space Cover

Typhoon Neoguri contributed to insured and economic losses in H1 2014

Latest from the UK Gov, who are keen to get insurers involved in near-orbit space projects. Can the UK compete with Elon Musk and NASA? In a word, no. But here’s the call for evidence from would-be insurers of commercial satellite launchers and space travel tourism for the super-rich.

The government has committed to review key concerns and proposals raised by respondents to the consultation document entitled “Unlocking commercial spaceflight for the UK: consultation on draft insurance and liabilities requirements to implement the Space Industry Act” (“the Liability, Insurance and Charging consultation”). For further information, see the consultation document and the Government’s consultation response.

Therefore, the government is issuing this call for evidence to gather evidence, data and information that will assist in policy development.

Within this context, the government is seeking views and evidence from industry on the matters outlined below. Any views and evidence submitted will be considered as part of this review.

The call for evidence is addressed primarily to orbital operators who either are licensed under the Outer Space Act 1986 (OSA) or are considering making applications under that Act or the Space Industry Act 2018 (SIA), as well as providers of insurance services for the space sector. It may also be of interest to launch operators and those carrying out associated activities under either of these Acts. The government would also welcome views from other stakeholders with an interest, either those associated with the space sector, or more generally, including those who provide financial services other than insurance.

response form is provided in Annex A, which includes the questions set out in the main body of the call for evidence.

This document does not constitute a formal proposal by the government and any decisions on proposed approaches to be adopted will be taken in light of this call for evidence. This may result in alternative approaches or policies to those noted or considered in this document. The government will consult further on its proposed approach.

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