If You Need Drone Laws/Regs, Clyde & Co Wrote The Book On It

Drones have revolutionised the way we do business across diverse sectors such as maritime, resources, law enforcement, healthcare, logistics, and humanitarian efforts. Useful for insurers in quoting on Commercial rsk and assessing claims damage, drones are now in widespread use in mining, remote exploration works and repair, geological survey, agricultural land management, urban transport and delivery, aerial photography, media and more.

Given the broad application it is perhaps surprising that legislation of drone use has yet to catch up with how end users are already employing drones.

The first of its kind, the book “Drone Law and Policy” outlines the current and proposed regulatory framework in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, taking into consideration the current and evolving technological and insurance landscape. The book has been co-authored by Clyde & Co experts and external technical authorities from industry. Find out more here. 

It also makes recommendations of additional regulatory and insurance initiatives needed to achieve an effective balance between the various competing interests. The 23 chapters are written by global specialists on crucial topics, such as

•            terrorism and security

•            airport and aircraft safety

•            maritime deployment

•            cyber-risks

•            regulatory oversight

•            licensing

•            standards and insurance

This book is an authoritative reference and expert guidance for regulators and government agencies, legal practitioners, insurance companies and brokers globally, as well as for major organisations utilising drones in industrial applications.

Maurice Thompson, Partner and founder of Clyde & Co’s market-leading Global Drones Group, comments: “It was a journey to put this Book together, bringing together experts from a vast array of sectors to focus in on current and anticipated challenges posed by the rampant increase in the use of drones globally. It is a mistake to brand this an ‘aviation’ issue only; it goes well beyond that classic boundary and this Book provides a necessarily broad perspective.”

Clyde & Co established its Global Drones Group in 2019 in recognition of the increasing importance of drone use and associated liability risks. Their specialist lawyers around the world regularly provide commentary to the press and industry participants.

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